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October’s underway with lots to see and do around this beautiful city that we call home, Copenhagen! In this feature, I’ll share with you some entertaining options from theatre, music, debates, and other participatory happenings around town.


Here are the best events happening in Copenhagen this month:


Dream Recall by Christoffer Joergensen at Galleri Christoffer Egelund

Dates: 27th September-27th October 2019

Location: Bredgade 75, 1260 Copenhagen K

Galleri Christoffer Egelund proudly presents the third solo exhibition with the talented Swiss/Danish photo artist Christoffer Joergensen. The artist pulls photography in previously unseen directions and spellbinds us with poetic pictures. In the hands of Joergensen, the photograph is exposed to a unique transformation from a medium depicting reality to abstraction. The exhibition Dream Recall presents us with new works of both video and photography that expand the field and limits of the mediums.

 What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Dream Recall.


Arabian Nights 2019 at Cinemateket

Dates: 1st-20th October 2019

Location: Gothersgade 55, 1123 København K

Arabian Nights are entering its fifth year and have moved on from August to October. We do this to be able to collaborate with our big sister festival on the other side of the strait, Malmö Arab Film Festival. Through the collaboration, we can offer more films and far more directors and actors on stage - especially intensely in days 5-7. October.


What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Arabian Nights 2019. 


“Concrete Skeletons: Exploring The Liminal Intricacies of Space In A West Africa Metropolis”

Hosted by Limbo Accra at Space10

Exhibition opening: October 18th

Time:  17.00 - 23.00

Regular SPACE10 Gallery hours: Tuesday to Friday 12.00 - 18.00

This exhibition explores modernizing African Metropolises and their future through various experimental media, including sculpture, photography, and moving image—expressed through the works of African artists from across the continent. It builds upon Limbo Accra’s work of occupying unfinished property developments in Accra, Ghana, with exhibitions and other artistic responses to the changes taking place in African cities.


What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Limbo AccrA.



Bauhaus - #ITSALLDESIGN at Design Museum, Denmark

 Time: 12.00 - 18.00

Dates: October 18th - November 22nd

The museum participates in the international celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus with a large research-based exhibition 'Bauhaus - #itsalldesign' developed by the Vitra Designmuseum and the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn. The exhibition addresses, for the first time, all aspects of the school's activities and meanings and describes how contemporary designers and designers carry on the Bauhaus heritage. The exhibition shows why design as a method of change developed at Bauhaus can still create the best possible world.

The goal of design is to radically improve people's lives. At the museum, we convey the potential of design, before, now and in the future. The big buzzword of the time is disruption. Everyone is studying what wants and can bring about total change today. Design became a new phenomenon in the 20th century, causing disruption.


What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Bauhaus-#itsalldesign.


Danish Golden Age - World-Class Art Between Disasters, at Statens Museum For Kunst

Date: Until December 8th 2019

 Out of war, fire and bankruptcy grew one of the most beloved periods in Danish painting. With this fall's big exhibition, we tell the story of how one of the most creative periods in Danish art and cultural life could arise. And how the Golden Age artists created the images of Denmark and the Danish landscape that we have known and cultivated ever since. This exhibition is on display until December 8th.

 Discover works by, among others, Christen Kjøke, C.W. Eckersberg, and Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann, when we show the largest exhibition about the golden age in Denmark ever!

What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Danish Golden Age. 


Marsden Hartley, at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Dates: Until January 19th 2020

Location: Gammel Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk

Hailed as "America’s first great modern painter of the 20th century" and "one of the most intriguing art historical subjects of all time," Marsden Hartley remains relatively unknown to a European audience. This Louisiana presentation marks the first major retrospective exhibition of his work in Europe in over 60 years.

As part of the exhibition, seven contemporary artists are contributing their thoughts on Hartley’s work in filmed interviews. The artist interpreting Hartley is David Hockney, Sam McKinniss, Shara Hughes, David Salle, Tal R, Karin Mamma Andersson, & Dana Schutz.


What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Marsden Hartley.



Confessions of the Piping System, at Kunsthal Charlottenborg

 Time: Tue–Fri 12.00–20.00,

           Sat-Sun 11.00–17.00

           Monday   closed

Dates: Until February 16th, 2020

Location: Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nyhavn 

                1051 København K

Kunsthal Charlottenborg is proud to present the first solo exhibition in Scandinavia with the emerging contemporary artist Eva Koťátková. Confessions of the Piping System is the title of the internationally acclaimed artist’s scenographic exhibition, which opened September 20th.

 What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Confessions of the Piping System at Kunsthal.


Lauren Greenfield: Generation Wealth at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

 Dates: August 22nd - March 8th  

A visual shell shock: With 'Generation Wealth,' Lauren Greenfield has created a unique document of the recent decades' crazed consumerism in a world, which is increasingly obsessed with the dream of looking both beautiful and rich.

The exhibition is not about the super-rich one percent of the population or the financial world; it is rather, in Greenfield’s own words, about how the body, youth, sexuality, and ‘looking rich’ have become the values of our time. Exposing the system behind this version of capitalism is the true mission of the exhibition. Greenfield depicts not only the winners but also those who go to the wall in the face of the grotesque spirit of competition. 

What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Lauren Greenfield.



Vejen til Palmyra (Road to Palmyra), at Glyptoteket

Dates: Until March 1st, 2020

A unique collection comes alive this exhibition is based on the Glyptotek's unparalleled collection of antique tomb portraits from Palmyra. The more than 100 portraits included in the exhibition are complemented by sculptures and objects from the Roman Empire, 19th-century photographs, paintings, and much more in a broad presentation of Palmyra's distinctive history in an exhibition design created by renowned exhibition architect Anne Schnettler with graphic designer Nanna Arnfred.

The exhibition is on display until 1st March 2020, and on Thursday, 3rd October, the city is explored from multiple angles in an evening filled with talks, workshops, music, and guided tours.

What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Vejen til Palmyra. 


Matters - Rethinking Materials, at the Design Museum, Denmark

 Dates: August 28th - March 29th, 2020

The museum and CHART, in collaboration, present the exhibition 'Matters - rethinking materials'. The exhibition shows five young Nordic designers' suggestions on how to re-think the use of materials in the design process.

The exhibition is displayed in the museum's new outdoor exhibition stands at Museum Square.

Matters shows how five Nordic designers work in a different way to rethink the way materials can influence future design concepts and processes in a more sustainable direction. These are both synthetic and organic materials. The exhibition is part of CHART's Curio initiative and has been developed in close collaboration with the museum.


What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019. 


Art & Porn, at Charlottenborg Kunsthal

 Dates: October 5th - January 12th, 2020

 To mark the fiftieth anniversary of lifting the ban on visual pornography in Denmark, Kunsthal Charlottenborg presents in collaboration with ARoS, the group exhibition Art & Porn.

The exhibition presents the development of art from the 60s legalization of visual pornography to the current fourth-wave feminism and highlights how art is influenced by changing the law on pornography. What are the implications when the boundaries of what citizens may be faced with in public spaces change from one day to the next?

The exhibition opens with the famous artwork Sex-Paralysappeal (1936) by the artist Wilhelm Freddie (1909-1995). The discussions that followed in the wake of Wilhelm Freddie’s work contributed significantly to Denmark as the first country, lifting the ban on pornography in 1969.


What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Art and Porn.



Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything, at GL Strand

Dates: October 24th, - April 13th, 2020

The world-renowned novelist, poet, and singer-songwriter, Leonard Cohen (Montreal 1934 – Los Angeles 2016) has inspired generations of writers, musicians, and artists. He was an extraordinary poet of sorrow and the human condition, giving voice to what it means to be fully alert to the complexities and desires of both body and soul. We are privileged to have Cohen’s music, words, and performances inhabit both the Kunstforeningen GL STRAND and Nikolaj Kunsthal for six months, offering a critical celebration, loving tribute, and quiet commemoration of a vast artistic achievement, and inspiring life.

Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything is the first exhibition entirely devoted to the imagination and legacy of the influential singer/songwriter, a man of letters, and a global icon from Montreal, Canada.

 What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Leonard Cohen.



Wednesday 2nd October

Economy, Labour, and Migration In Filipino-Danish Relations 1950-2015 @ Danish Institute for International Studies

Time: 14.00-16.00

Location: DIIS - Dansk Institut for Internationale Studier, Auditorium, Gl. Kalkbrænderi Vej 51A, 2100 Copenhagen

They called themselves the Filipino Pioneers, the generation of workers who came to Denmark from 1960 to 1973 when the Danish ‘guest worker’ recruitment formally ended at the same time as the Philippine government was in the process of creating a labor export program. Despite the immigration stop, Denmark was by the end of the 1970s on the list of countries served by the new Overseas Employment Development Board, which was already deploying Philippine workers to more than one hundred countries.

What were the implications of the new migration regimes that emerged in the second half of the 20th century? How did it affect migrants and their laboring lives? How can we explain the paradox of a formal ‘immigration stop’ and continued migration, dynamically shaping 21st-century labor markets and political agendas?

 What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of DIIS.



Wednesday 2nd October

SMK KOM - Practice Your Danish

Time: 16.00-19.00

Location: National Gallery of Denmark, Sølvgade 48-501307 Copenhagen K

If you are interested in practicing your Danish, meeting new people, and a chance to see some great art, then SMK KOM might be for you. The event is free and open to the public, as well as the museum waving its entrance fee to participating on the day.  


What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of SMK.




3 October 2019


Time: 3 Oct at 1600 - 6 Oct at 1700  

Fernation Thursday 16.00-19.00

Location: POP -UP Copenhagen, Teglgårdstræde 7A-/B, 1452 Copenhagen

Contact: 40 42 56 32,

Susanne, Birgitte, and Grethe were colleagues for many years in the same newspaper until they were laid off. Without skipping a beat, they relied on their other talents and began to create art.

"Free" will be their first show together, and it is quite unpredictable what the result will be ... except it will be good.

 Susanne Bondrop paints expressive naturalistic, where the main source of inspiration is currently Danish landscapes - especially Dyrehaven, Ermelunden, Bellevue, and the Baltic Sea.

Birgitte Elkær expresses herself through non-figurative, naïve, and happy image collages with material structure. She uses acrylic paint, magazine imprinting, typography, and layer upon layer tear-off of paper in contrasting color combinations.

Grethe Nielsen is a cartoonist and often finds herself in the company of surrealist motifs. Most recently, she has concentrated on the development of the gender political cartoon "The Naked Truth - According to Iris & Angela" and caricature drawings of current profiles.

In the middle of Copenhagen's Latin Quarter lies Pop Up-Copenhagen's fine premises, where you can come Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and see the result of this artistic merger.

 What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Fritstillet.


Thursday 3rd October

Season Opening of The Caribbean Housewife

Time: 16.00 -19.00

Location: Skydebanegade 3, 1709 Copenhagen

The Caribbean Housewife reopens for its fourth winter season, offering free soup to the first 25 guests! Join for drinks, soup, and entertainment by WILD DAVE! 

Further Info:

What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of The Caribbean Housewife.


Friday 4th -  Sunday 6th October

Amager Bakke -  Opening of Copenhill

 If you love to snow ski, then this is for you! CopenHill hosts its official opening with the World’s Tallest Climbing Wall, Kid’s Funzone, food trucks, hiking, and outdoor fitness activities, and of course, skiing!

 What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Copenhill.



Designer Forum

4-6 October, at the Bella Center

Save up to 80% on some of your favorite fashion brands, like RAIINE, NA-KD, ADAX, Second Female, Arkk Copenhagen, Ellesse, Samsøe & Samsøe og Beck Söndergaard! Purchase a VIP ticket and join the VIP sale on Friday evening and get a welcome drink, and a goodie bag for the first 500 guests. Purchase online for general admission on Saturday and Sunday from 11.00-16.00. Tickets bought at the door will increase at the door. 


Sunday 6th October 

Rita Blå Lopper I Kulturhuset Indre By

If you enjoy rummaging through unique items at a flea market, then check out how the Danes do it! Rita Blå’s Lopper (flea market) I Kulturhuset moves inside from Sunday 6th October, so that you can shop in comfort! Come and shop from 11.00-16.00 and enjoy a treasure hunt, fair-trade products, Moroccan, and baked treats! Monday 7th October


Quiz Night at Studenterhuset

 Time: 19.00-21.00

Ease into the week with Quiz Night at Studenterhuset. Gather your dream team together and come play to win in the Studenthuset’s Original Quiz. Test your knowledge against others on questions about current affairs and enjoy the Danish ‘hygge.’ The entrance is 20Dkk per person — teams size of two to four max. 



Tuesday 8th – Friday 11th October

Body Landscapes Performance Art Festival at Union, Kbh

Performance Køkkenet invites you to the third edition of the International Performance Art Festival, Body Landscapes. This year, the festival is focused on the experience of the body as a subject of movement. Movement is addressed as an essential experience that shapes the identity and the memory of artists that have a personal story of migration. There will be workshops, talks, live performances, and video performances, where the participants question and play with the idea of movement, as part of their practice as performance artists. Find more information on the festival website and tickets via Billetto.

 What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Body Landscapes.



Wednesday 9th - Saturday 12th October 

Live Like Tomorrow

 Live Like Tomorrow is the Host City Festival as part of the C40 World Mayors Summit 2019 in Copenhagen. Join us for four days from 9-12 October with climate action as an everyday choice!

A climate festival for citizens, change-makers, food activists, bike enthusiasts, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, and innovative companies. Cities and businesses can do a lot, but we can only truly shape great urban life and reduce carbon emissions if we all start to “live like tomorrow.”

Discover the public program with around 90 engaging and innovative events, talks, and showcases. Copenhagen Downtown will become a living lab of sustainable solutions and debates on how we can all step up and start creating The Future We Want. More info:


Wednesday 9th October

 Urban Rigger - The Future Is Floating

Time: 16.00 - 17.30

Location: 155 Refshalevej, 1432 Copenhagen

This is an event focusing on housing solutions due to the challenges of urbanization. Hosted by URBAN RIGGER and designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, you’ll have the chance to see innovative and affordable housing options such as floating and sustainable apartments!  

 What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Urban Rigger.


Thursday 10th - Friday 11th October

KADK Youth Climate Summit

Time: 08.30 - 16.00

Location: KADKPhilip de Langes Allé 101435 Copenhagen K

KADK calls for action by inviting you to the KADK Youth Climate Summit, where talks, debates & workshops will address challenges, solutions, and actions within climate change. 

 What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of You Climate Summit.



Thursday 10th October

Why Are We Not Doing As Much Good As We Would Like To?

 Time: 19.00-21.00

Location: Studneterhuset, Købmagergade 52, 1150 Copenhagen

Do you intend to cut down on animal products, but still find yourself eating cheeseburgers after a stressful day? Do you intend to spend more time doing good in the world, but end up Netflix-binging or Facebook-scrolling the whole evening?  

If you are not doing as much good as you would like to, you are not alone. The gap between what we intend to do and what we do is something that we all experience, and it can feel frustrating at times.

Jacob Schjødt will help you get wiser on why you and almost everyone else fall victim to the intention-behavior gap. Even more importantly, Jacob will give you tools to help you in closing your gaps. 

For this free event, we hope to get you closer to understanding and reacting to the gap between what you intend to do and what you spend time doing.

To be sure to get a spot, you will need to claim a free ticket. Free tickets are available here:

What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of the Intention Behavior. 



Talk: “The Circular City” with SPACE10

 Time: 10.30-12.00

Location: SPACE10, Flæsketorvet 10 (Kødbyen), 1711 Vesterbro

More Info:

Join SPACE10, IKEA’s global research and design lab, and EFFEKT Architects for a talk and exhibition presenting their latest project, The Urban Village.

The talk will focus on their vision for how to design, build, and share our future homes, neighborhoods, and cities to improve our quality of life. Specifically, the talk will address how we might make our every day more livable, sustainable, and affordable through ideas of sharing and circularity.

 From cross-generational living to flatpack, modular homes; from sharing energy, finance, mobility, and food to efficiency, community, and affordability; SPACE10, together with EFFEKT, has developed several innovative solutions for creating better and more circular solutions for our future cities.

Visit their space and learn more about the projects and their approach to researching and designing for people and planet.

 What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Circular-City.


Friday 11th October

Kulturnatten 2019

Culture Night has been one of Copenhagen's most well-attended cultural events for more than 26 years. When the schools begin their autumn holiday, the association Kulturnatten creates a festive evening, where the entire cultural life of the city works together to create joy and inspiration for all of us.

More than 250 museums, theatres, libraries, churches, ministries, and parks throughout the city welcome the public during Copenhagen's biggest annual one-day event, and the exciting events show that the city embraces many aspects of its cultural life. 

From the inner city to Valby, Carlsberg, Sydhavn, Frederiksberg, Østerbro, Vesterbro, Kødbyen, Nørrebro, Nordvest, Nordhavn, Islands Brygge, Amagerbro and Christianshavn, and Holmen the guests will be able to experience the city in a new way with special events that are only held only on this special night. 

All they need is their curiosity and a Culture Pass!  

What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Kulturnatten 2019. 



Debate: Why Urban Development Prevents Us From Living Sustainably

Time: 12.15-13.15

Location: Blox, Bryghusgade, 1473 Copenhagen

The city’s design is making it difficult to live sustainably. Every day good intentions and significant potential for sustainability are lost. How do we promote architecture and urban planning that releases sustainability rather than preventing it? And who’s job is it? 



Saturday 12th October

No. 3 SASAA Spoken Word Evening

Time: 22.00-00.30

Location: Blågårdsgade 2A, 2200 Copenhagen

SASAA PanAfrican Spoken Word evenings is a community cultivating initiative that gives time, space, and voice to the poetic forces within the Afro-Danish community.

The chosen themes strive to highlight various philosophical, spiritual, and political phenomena, that resonate with the multidimensional lived experiences within the diasporic community in Denmark.  

THIS EVENT will be exploring religiosity and spirituality and the bridge between the two, the personal experience, connection, and understanding of The Divine, the function of belief systems and ritual practices, Through the language of the divine - Poetry.   

We desire to give voice to the Danish POC by creating a compassionate and attentive healing space, where all corners of existence can be shared and explored. A space that both embraces, supports, and respects struggles and accomplishments, pain, and joy.  

The hosts, Sade & Winnie will facilitate the unfolding of the evening and ensure a respectful and caring environment and will tolerate; 



Fieh, at Vega

The Norwegian group Fieh consists of eight talented instrumentalists who have made a pact to give people a unique experience. With their music, they’ll take you back in time to the smoky clubs where legends like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday burst out of the speakers.

 In the front stands the charismatic Sofie Tollefsbøl, when she, together with classmates Ola Øverby and Andreas Rukan, dived into D´Angelo's mastodontic neo-soul album classic, Voodoo, the seed was added to Fieh's musical universe. Tickets: 165Dkk. Doors open at 20.00 - Showtime: 21.00.


Monday 14th October

Pilsner Og Perleplader at Absalon

We dedicate this evening to the house's beer taps and your (maybe forgotten) pearl plate heart!

Only your imagination limits what you can create - and if you are lucky, honors and honor await your creation! We make pilsners and pearls (and popcorn!). So we're just missing your lovely company!

We must really enjoy ourselves!

What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Pilsner of Perleplader.


Tuesday 15th October

Workshop: Basics On Advertising For Your sustainable Business

Sydhavn Genbrugscenter

Time: 16.00-19.00

Location: Sydhavn Gengrugscenter, Bådehavnsgade 50, 2450 Copenhagen

 You have a sustainable business idea or product, but you don't know how to create awareness or how to sell it?

Let us work on how and where to sell your product or your solution. We go into the basics of social media marketing and online advertising and try to find a fitting solution for you.

• Present your sustainable ideas/product to get an overview of the current state 

• Question and Feedback round

• Evaluation of offline or online channels

• Introduction of Google AdWords

• Introduction of Facebook advertising

• Applying the best strategies to your product or solution

The displayed agenda can change in the future. The workshop will be in English and should take around 2-3 hours in total. It is free to participate!

What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of sustainable business workshop.


Thursday 17th October

The Caribbean Housewife X Æbleskud

Time: 16.00-19.00

Location: Skydebanegade 3, 1709 Copenhagen

We can’t wait until we're open again! On Thursday, October 17, we hold another special event; this time with Æbleskud, an amazing charity project initiated in 2016 by Lars Henrik Møller. Æbleskud makes organic apple juice and helps children in need worldwide through its proceeds. The apples are handpicked at Lars Henrik, his farm called Smedegården, which is located in Frøbjerg, Vestfyn (Denmark). The farm was built in 1881 and has been in his family ever since. Together with a handful of friends, Lars Henrik presses and produces the juice at the former old smithy of his grandfather.

What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of the Caribbean Housewife and Æbleskud.


Friday 18th October

Exhibition Opening: “Concrete Skeletons: Exploring The Liminal Intricacies Of Space In a West Africa Metropolis”

Time: 17.00-21.00

Location: SPACE10, Flæsketorvet 10 (Kødbyen), 1711 Vesterbro

This exhibition explores modernizing African Metropolises and their future through various experimental media, including sculpture, photography, and moving image—expressed through the works of African artists from across the continent. It builds upon Limbo Accra's work of occupying unfinished property developments in Accra, Ghana, with exhibitions and other artistic responses to the changes taking place in African cities.


Saturday 19th October

Oresund Cup 2010 (Final 6 Qualification #2) at Beta Boulders


The Oresund Cup will see climbers battling against each other across two gyms. They will compete for themselves and their Country Team! Team Denmark or Team Sweden

Who is going to win? No matter your level, you can support your team with each problem you climb.

Come and join us!

What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Øresund Cup.


Cph Zine Fest

 Time: 12.00-20.00

Location: Dortheavej 61, 2400 Copenhagen

 Visit us at this year's Cph Zine Fest in Ungdomshuset! :) 

This year it will be a one-day festival from 12.00-20.00 and with so many great zine makers!

Non Plus Ultra and Travesty Music will throw the afterparty from 20.00


What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Cph Zine Fest.



Tuesday 22nd October

Blanco White at Ideal Bar

London-based Josh Edwards started the Blanco White project in 2014. Blanco is a project that unites Andalusian instruments with Latin American and Western musical influences.

 Both of the Andalusian instruments, charango, and ronroco, appear as part of the foundation of Blanco White's songs. Their distinctive character and texture, combined with Edwards' inner vocals, create a touching and characteristic landscape of sound.

Tickets prices 135Dkk, tax included. Doors open at 19.00; showtime at 20.00.


Wednesday 23rd - Saturday 26th October 

Post Design Festival 2019


Two days of talks, panel discussions, and social events. Be challenged and inspired by our line-up of designers, illustrators, academics, and educators, presenting their views on the future and design’s place within it.


Take part in one of two hands-on workshops and learn new skills and techniques. Meet new faces and learn from some of the industry’s best. Please note: Workshop tickets do not give access to the conference program.

What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Post Design Festival.



Sinful Scandinavia at Huset KBH

Welcome to the first of 4 nights celebrating the concept of “Scandinavian Sin,” which got its global breakthrough 50 years ago when, in 1969, Denmark abolished movie censorship. (all seven films in this series are screened on 35mm!) Sweden, too, contributed much to this era and features heavily in this series, but tonight we go all in for two local items and show a pair of early Danish films (In Danish – no subtitles) that each on their tentative way marked the beginning of something new. Both are quite innocent and barely hinted at the decadent times to come.

*RESERVATIONS can be made via Please include “ SIN DAY 1” and the number of reservations desired in the subject line of your e-mail, and you will receive a quick confirmation with further info. If you have other questions, contact Jack, our house manager, at, or via 20297013 as a second option. No SMS.  ADMISSION 60DKK

 What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Huset Sinful Scandinavia.



Friday 25th October

Concert: Alyona Petrovskaya at The Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Denmark

 In tribute to Dagmar, Princess of Denmark, who later became Grand Duchess Maria Fyodorovna of Russia, the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Denmark hosts a concert with singer Alyona Petrovskaya as well as a small exhibition. More information and tickets can be found via the website. The concert starts at 19.00.

What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Alyona Petrovskaya. 


Saturday 26th October

Justin Musikbanko & Afterparty

 It's time for music bingo again in Absalon, and this time we pay tribute to both Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber as we play Justin ‘Banko’ (bingo)!

So, if you've rattled on "Señorita", "SexyBack" and "Like I Love You", danced on the chair to "Sorry" and "What Do You Mean" or do you really want to go to Iceland with Justin Bieber when you hear "I 'll Show You", this music banko is just you!

How we’ll Play: We exchange all numbers in the square with titles of Justin music, and of course, play a row, two rows, and full record. So Rock Your Body and join us for music Banko! Maybe it's you who wins - Never Say Never <3

NOTE: Everyone is welcome to the afterparty at 23.00 even if the music bank is sold out.


Sunday 27th October

Greek Classics at Glyptoteket: ‘Rytteriet’ (Satire)

 Time: 15.00-16.00

Location: Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Dantes Plads 7, 1556 Copenhagen

Are you brushed up on your Greek classics - and their relevance to today's political landscape?

Get told or retold Aristofanes satirical comedies when translator and PhD. in Classical Greek Marcel Lysgaard Lech and literary critic Klaus Rothstein delve into the content of the political satire and the significance of the work for its contemporary significance. Later, satire researcher Dennis Meyhoff Brink enters the conversation and illuminates political satire as a form of expression in a contemporary context.

This event is the first in a series of conversations in which we unfold and become wiser on selected Greek classics.

 What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Greek Classics at Glyptoteket.


Live Performance: “Louise Alenius, Tete - Step Into The Artist’s Head” at SMK

Time: 14.00-17.00

Location: SMK, National Gallery of DenmarkSølvgade 48-501307 Copenhagen K

Join us when artist Louise Alenius performs new vocal improvisations inside the installation Tête: a three-meter tall wooden sculpture shaped like the artist’s head.

Alenius will perform for an audience of one person at a time who, by sitting in the head, can direct their undivided attention to the music.  Tête de Louise Alenius will be at SMK until December 8th. The event is included in the standard admission fee but requires a ticket.

How it works

The event is divided into six intervals of 30 minutes. You buy a ticket for an interval of your wish. Seven people can book a ticket for each interval and will enter by turn.

There will be a waiting time of about 25 minutes, depending on your number in the line.

What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of Alenius Head.


Tuesday 29th October

Filmuniversitetet - Film Series - Morgen: spejlet (Original Title: Zerkalo)

The Mirror

Instructor: Andrej Tarkovsky

The main character - Tarkovsky's alter ego - is in crisis. He thinks back to his childhood under Stalin's rule while trying to control his life. Tarkovsky even stated about the film that it is purely autobiographical. All situations in the film are based on facts, even the dream sequences. The film takes place in a troubled focus between silence, fear, pain, and failure - and is a chaotic, ruthless portrait of absence of joy, absence of faith, and absence of hope. The director tells his story in free-associative sequences, in dream sequences, the camera is, so to speak, placed in the protagonist's subconscious.

Appearances by: Margarita Terekhova, Ignat Danilsev, Larisa Tarkovskaya

Original title: Zerkalo, Soviet Union, 1974, 35mm, 105 min., Danish subtitles, Allowed for all but children under seven years are not advised.

 What's On In Copenhagen: October 2019, Image of the Mirror.


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