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Why and when Valentine’s day started

Valentine’s is something we associate with warmth, gifts and quality time these days. How did this celebration come about, what is Valentine’s day’s history and why did Valentine’s day start?

Random selection

Do you find yourself giving out chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s day? Whether or not you find the specific gifts you give out and receive random, you would probably agree it's better now than when it started. Far fewer goats and dogs are sacrificed these days.

Identifying the one

There is agreement that the day celebrates the death of St. Valentine, there is dispute however about which Valentine we are talking about. It was either a third century priest who married couples who were forbidden from marrying because they were too young. Another possibility is a Valentine who helped Christians escape harsh Roman prisons.

Why Valentine’s day is about sacrificing for your partner

The celebration is an amended version of the pagan February fertility festival known as Lupercalia. During the real tradition a goat was sacrificed for fertility and a dog was sacrificed for purification. Women would then be slapped with the goat hide. How we got from there to its current iteration is debatable, but most of us are happy for the change.

Luckily, women now get showered with oceans of perfume, enough flowers to start a garden and chocolate until their heart is content.

When Valentine’s day started as we know it

By the end of the fifth century Pope Gelasius declared Valentine’s day a holiday. The common traditions of exchange love notes, gifts and tokens of affection did not start until the middle of the 18th century. You could therefore pinpoint one of these two dates as the time when Valentine’s day started. While gifts between romantic partners were common, so were gifts between caring friends.

Valentine’s Day’s history over time

While the concept has developed over time, it cannot be questioned that time is valuable. If you are looking for a unique way to show your valentine they are worth your time, you can consider the Nordgreen watch that suits them best. Gift time to them and they will never forget you.

Sum up: 

So what, if it started with fertility, goats and a martyred saint. Valentine’s day has evolved into one of the premier opportunities to express your feelings to someone you care about. Let them know they have your full attention on February 14th, give them the gift of time, the most valuable gift of all.

Give your partner the gift of time on Valentine's Day.

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