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Nordgreen x Mathilde Gøhler x My Foundation: Let’s Make a Change Together

We are proud to announce our latest global collaboration with the Danish model and influencer Mathilde Gøhler, well-known for her mesmerising natural beauty and good heart. Our collaboration is meant to raise funding for My Foundation, of which Mathilde is a co-founder, for the children of Buruburu, Kenya, where water resources are scarce.

The element that brings together all Nordgreen collections is the Giving Back Program, which is in the core of our brand. Each one of our designs comes with a cause of your choice. In addition, through our limited edition Nordgreen x Mathilde Gøhler Unika line of watches, you are  directly taking part in the mission of My Foundation of providing support for children in need. I have never experienced a water tap which is empty, or a plate with no food. But this is an everyday reality for these children. And getting to know their reality opened my eyes, and my heart,” shares Mathilde. This is the underlying reason for our partnership and for every purchase of a Nordgreen x Mathilde Gøhler watch, we will donate one month of clean drinking water to a child at Mathilde and Remee’s children village, Buruburu in Kenya. 

My Foundation is a charitable fund that facilitates individuals and companies in marking positive change in areas where providing help for local communities is vital. The foundation was created by Mathilde Gøhler and her significant other, the music producer Remee S. Jackman, together with investor Christina Rind Helsbro and journalist concept developer Camilla Natascha Nivaro Holm. The primary focus of the foundation are children and the socially disadvantaged, through a partnership with SOS Children’s Villages, the world’s largest NGO for orphans and abandoned children.

The emergence of the idea behind My Foundation dates back to a trip to Kenya in 2014, where Remee and Mathilde, who are both ambassadors for the SOS Children’s Villages, visited the village community of Buruburu and Nairobi’s Kibera Slum. Both of them were deeply touched by the living conditions of these communities and took the situation in a truly personal way, given that Remee is himself a former orphan. “Meeting these children taught me to be grateful for every second in my life. And inspired me to use my time to help whenever possible. That’s why we started My Foundation. To support the less fortunate children around the world, and to have a positive influence on their lives,” says Mathilde.

Ever since, the couple has been raising money for Buruburu, focusing on various projects that aim to provide means for the community’s disadvantaged children to discover their talent of self-expression. With some of the raised funding, they managed to build a music school, an art facility, a computer school and a dance academy, so that the previously hopeless dreams of the children could come a step closer to becoming reality. 

“I can’t wait to see what this collaboration will give back to the children in Kenya... I feel a great responsibility towards them, and I think that we all should.” - Mathilde Gøhler

Here at Nordgreen, we are truly proud to be part of this charity initiative, and we hope this collaboration will be able to provide the needed support to cover the most basic and necessary need of the community, where these children are raised - having clean water to drink, so they can grow up in a healthy environment and have the chance to pursue their dreams.

February 21, 2021 by Radina Vladimirova

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