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Formal Watches for Men

Formal watches for men’s stylish appearance are a must-have thing. You see, style cannot be bought. Wearing a lot of expensive things will not necessarily make you look classy. Real gentlemen know how to pair their outfit, and look modest without spending millions or even thousands on their clothes and wristwatch. Although there are no strict rules on how men should look, and there can be none, we have gathered a list of, let’s call them, suggestions. At least, the ones that include wearing men’s formal watches, on formal occasions. 

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How to wear formal watches for men

The subtle art of matching your formal watch with your outfit

If you wear a golden men’s watch, or even a gold-colored watch your jewelry should also be golden. The same applies to silver men’s watches. Also, the strap should be the same color as your suit, shoes, and belt, and pairing the materials should also be nice. That’s why the most common choice for dress watches is a black leather band or a brown one. However, there are exceptions. For instance, blue face watches are easily paired with brown suits. Especially navy blue watches, who can be paired with every dark nuance of your outfit. Just make sure your watch and your outfit are not too different in style. But pairing both the color and the material is a win-win situation.

Don’t wear the same formal watch on every occasion

This can be an issue for the people who own only a limited amount of watches. I.e. regular people, not watch hoarders. If you wear a black suit and a black watch all the time, your style will become boring in no time. Luckily, with our Nordgreen interchangeable bands, you can refresh the appearance of your timepiece over and over. We have a nice choice of colors and materials, rich enough to match all of your outfit combinations.

Formal watches are simple

Elegance equals minimalism. So, no overgrown monstrosities on your wrist. A gentleman’s watch is simple and subtle, not buried under the pile of diamonds on the platinum case, engraved in gold and silver. A formal watch filled with details is a desperate attempt to get into the center of attention. A real gentleman is well aware that people should be interested in him, not his watch.  Also, no fake gold or fake diamonds, or fake watches in any form. People will notice. Pick a simple, subtle timepiece. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just has to look modest.  

A watch should always feel comfortable on your wrist

When we say this, we mean two things. First, the size of the dial should always be proportional to your wrist. An oversized case will look tacky, and a case that’s too small looks a bit childish. Secondly, the watch band should always have a comfortable position around your wrist. Not too tight, and certainly not too loose. Imagine you came to the elegant event wearing a suit that’s a size bigger or a size smaller. You get the picture now.  

Formal watches for men’s are to admire...

...but from a safe distance. For a true gentleman, a timepiece is something personal, something he holds very dear. A true gentleman takes great pride in his watch, polishes it a lot, and keeps it safe from dust, dirt, and especially other people’s fingerprints. If you notice a nice watch on someone’s hand, the best way is to politely ask if you may have a look. But look with your eyes, not with your hands. If someone offers to take his watch off the wrist for you to have a better look, consider it an honor. Try to touch that watch as little as you can, and never jeopardize it by putting it on a hard surface, where you might risk scratches.

Resist the urge to check your watch often

It’s the same rule as with the cellphones. Checking the watch too often implies certain things:

  • you don’t want to be there
  • you are in a rush
  • perhaps you find the event, or people attending it, boring

Those are just a few of the reasons why watches were unacceptable at the elegant events in the past. Coming to an important event and wearing a watch was even considered as an insult.

Luckily for us, that rule changed, but it’s still impolite to check your watch too often. If you really need to check the time, do it at a glance, or make some nice excuse to go somewhere private, and then check it.

Don’t wear divers or a sports watch with a suit

It’s actually amazing how many people think they can pull it off. They picture themselves with a martini, shaken, not stirred, playing baccarat against a suspicious-looking businessman, while the exotic dancers give them subtle winks. Well, you are not James Bond, and if by any chance, you really are, our apologies, double-o seven. But chances that the fictional character is reading this article are sadly proportional to looking good with a divers watch and a tuxedo. Zero. When wearing a suit, choose elegant and subtle watch design. Please. 


Hey, we didn’t make these rules, and most certainly don’t agree 100% with all of them. But they lowkey all make sense and certainly are easy to follow. Of course, a combination of common sense and a pair of semi-healthy eyes should be more than enough for anyone. There is no need to pull out a dusty book with the style codex every time you feel like going out. Especially in today’s modern times, when the styles are easily broken down, together with the style rules. But we believe in one thing. A watch should always be elegant, versatile, and timeless, and it should be on the wrist of every gentleman, old-fashioned or modern one. There is a special bond between men and their watches, and our plan is to cherish and respect that bond.

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