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Gifts for Hairdressers

Gifts for Hairdressers

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Gifts for Hairdressers
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A profession that rates highly on the scale of job satisfaction is hairdressing. This is because it is an incredibly sociable occupation in which hairdressers can build strong relationships with their clients and co-workers. However, it’s also a physically demanding job, since hairstylists are on their feet a lot and can get very tired after a long day at work. In this article you can find our top 5 gifts for hairdressers, so you can brighten up their normal day or a special occasion!

Hairdressers cannot constantly check their phone to see the time, so a wristwatch is a vital accessory for them. They need to wear a timepiece that they can easily glance at every so often, whilst cutting or styling a client’s hair.

Since hairdressers keep their arms elevated, it's necessary to provide them with a lightweight watch, that won’t cause any extra strain or discomfort. Another important factor to consider when buying a watch for a hairdresser is whether it is waterproof or not, since they often come into contact with moisture.

Above all, hairdressers deserve a timepiece that is well-designed and reflects their style. So, whether you know someone who works in a hair salon, or you are a hairstylist yourself, at Nordgreen we provide a variety of options. Here are our top picks for the best watches for hairdressers.

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BUNDLE White Dial Gun Metal | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps
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Philosopher - BUNDLE White Dial Gun Metal | Navy Nato / Black / Mesh Straps
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BUNDLE White Dial Gun Metal | Navy Nato / Black / Mesh Straps
1.815,00 kr 2.135,00 kr

Infinity Watch | Rose Gold Dial and Mesh Strap

This beautifully designed watch is the epitome of style and elegance. The curvature of the dial is a subtle detail that gives the illusion of depth to the watch’s face. A stainless-steel case ensures that the watch is strong, and won’t get scratched if accidentally knocked.

This timepiece is great for hairdressers because it is extremely lightweight, with a slim case and strap. The case is not so wide, making it great for active work like hairdressing as it won’t easily collide with hard surfaces like larger watches can do.

The beautiful and muted rose gold color of this watch is perfect for hairdressers who want to look stylish while at work. The mesh strap is a breathable material, making this a great wristwatch for hairdressers as their arm won’t get sweaty while they are cutting hair.


  • Curved dial
  • Stunning rose gold color
  • 3 ATM waterproof rating
  • Lightweight and slim
  • Breathable strap 

If you're looking for even more gifts for hairdressers, keep reading the article.

Philosopher Watch | White Dial – Pink Leather

The Philosopher watch is one of our most popular designs, thanks to its inclusion of a uniquely shaped second hand, which adds a splash of dynamism to the dial. This wristwatch is smaller in size than others on the list, so it won’t weigh down a hairdresser’s arm while they are working.

The pink leather strap features an almost eggshell-like pattern, that doesn’t look overly feminine. However, if pink isn’t your color, you can customize the watch strap and choose from different colors like white, dark brown, black, brown, navy blue, or dove grey.

This watch suits various outfit types, meaning you can also wear it outside of work. It is a superbly crafted timepiece that will aid hairdressers with all of their timekeeping needs.


  • Danish Design Watch
  • Interchangeable Straps
  • Free delivery & returns
  • Available in 36 mm
  • White Dial Color

Native Watch | Navy Dial – Dove Grey Vegan Leather

For many people, they want to buy and wear only ethically made products. Although leather is a great material for watch straps, thanks to its durability and appearance, many people want something cruelty-free.

The lightweight Native watch comes with a vegan leather strap in a dove grey color. From looking at it, you wouldn’t know it was a vegan material since it has the exact same look, texture, and strength as normal leather. However, by purchasing this product, you’re making a more compassionate choice.

This watch has a navy dial, which pops against the soft grey-colored strap. As well as this, the stainless-steel hands are visible against the dark background, which makes it easy for hairdressers to check the time when with a client.


  • Vegan leather strap
  • Navy-colored dial
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • 3 ATM water resistance

Philosopher Watch Bundle | Rose Gold Dial | Green Nylon, Grey, and White Straps

The Philosopher watch bundle features a two-piece dial and can be worn by both men and women, making it great for female and male hairdressers. You can choose from a couple of dial and strap sizes, to ensure that your watch looks perfectly proportional to your arm.

This bundle is a great gift choice for hairdressers because it comes with three different straps, that can be used interchangeably. The green nylon is a great choice for a hairdresser to wear at work since it is a strong material that can withstand water and won’t get easily scuffed or dirty.

The two extra leather straps in this bundle come in a beautiful dove grey and white color, with stainless-steel, rose gold accents. They look great with the Philosopher style dial and can be worn in and out of work. This bundle gives extra flexibility when it comes to switching up the look of your watch, making it a great option for hairdressers.


  • Two-piece dial
  • Design is great for men and women
  • The bundle includes three different watch straps
  • Create different looks for work
  • Stainless steel rose gold used on the dial and watch strap

Infinity Watch | White Dial – Black Mesh

The final product on our list is one of our newer designs. The infinity watch is small, so fits perfectly on hairdressers’ wrists. It employs a Japanese quartz watch movement, guaranteeing impeccable timekeeping.

The black mesh strap is great for hairdressers since, it is resistant to water damage, and so can be worn when doing tasks such as washing hair. It is also easier to clean. If you get some pesky hair dye on the strap while working, you can quickly and easily remove it.

Hairdressing is hard, and many hairstylists become overheated when blow-drying hair. The mesh strap offers breathability, so that your wrists don’t get overly sweaty, and produce moisture that could affect the inner components of the watch.


  • Mesh strap for extra breathability
  • Smaller size
  • Japanese Quartz Movement
  • Easy to clean
  • Newer design 

When it comes to the best watches for hairdressers, there are several factors to think of. Our suggestions cover all of these, helping you to choose a timepiece that is perfect for your hairstylist friend, or yourself.

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