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Staff Picks: Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Christmas is the perfect time of year to shower those you love with gifts and show them just how much you care. However, when it comes to choosing the perfect present for your boyfriend, it can be hard. A lot of men don’t know what gift they want, which means you have to come up with some ideas by yourself.

Luckily, there is a universal product that everyone loves to receive: a watch. Watches are timeless accessories, that can be worn by both men and women, and look good on people of any age. There is also an incredibly diverse range of timepieces on the market, meaning that there is a style for everyone. We have compiled our top 5 gift ideas for you boyfriend for you to get inspired.

If you want to treat your boyfriend to a special present this Christmas, then why not treat him to a Nordgreen watch?  Our watches are highly-crafted and made from high-quality materials. They are designed to be long-lasting, meaning that your partner will get a lot of use and enjoyment out of one of our timepieces. What’s more, you can customize each watch, to suit the personal taste of your man.

To save you time and effort with your search for the perfect Christmas gift, we’ve compiled a list of the best watches for your boyfriend. Take a look to find the perfect present for your love. 

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1. Philosopher Watch | White Dial and Black Leather Strap

Our first pick is one of our bestselling watches, the Philosopher watch with a white dial and black leather strap. The unique two-piece dial was created by our chief designer, Jakob Wagner, and reflects the ability to think differently – hence the watch’s name.

This is one of our most popular pieces due to the simplistic black and white colors, that create an elegant yet striking timepiece. If your boyfriend dresses in muted colors and wants a watch that will complement his style, without becoming the focal point of an outfit, then this black and white combination is a perfect choice. If you want more gift ideas for your boyfriend, keep on reading.

The leather strap ensures comfort and breathability on your boyfriend’s wrist so that he can wear this wristwatch at all times of the day.


  • Unique two-piece dial
  • Black and white color combination
  • Breathable strap
  • Use of leather for extra comfort
  • Bestselling watch

2. Pioneer Watch | Black Dial and Black Leather Strap

The Pioneer watch is a striking timepiece, thanks to its strong yet simple design. It includes a minute and second-hand dial and features a thicker and wider case than other Nordgreen watches. This makes it a great present for men who like big and eye-catching watches.

One of our bestselling versions of this watch is the black dial, with a gun metal case, and black leather strap. The dark dial allows the red-tinted hands to pop, and the overwhelming amount of black allows the silvery metal case to stand out.

This is a striking watch and suited to men who have a keen interest in watches. Your boyfriend will love all of the intricate design features on the clock dial and enjoy showing off his Christmas gift to everyone.


  • Minute and second-hand dial
  • Red-tinted hands
  • Sleek, black design
  • Larger dial
  • Gun metal silver case

3. Native Watch | Navy Dial and Brown Leather Strap

The Native watch is a simplistic timepiece, that will perfectly complement your boyfriend’s outfits. The dial comes in a selection of widths and thickness sizes, so you can perfectly tailor it to your partner’s wrist.

We’ve chosen to feature the Native watch with a navy dial and brown leather strap. The combination of these two colors creates a piece that is a timeless classic, and will certainly make your man look very sophisticated.

As well as looking fantastic, like all of our watches, the Native employs a Japanese quartz movement. This ensures your boyfriend will always have perfect timekeeping, and therefore have no more excuses for being late to dates with you!


  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Classic design
  • Navy dial is eye-catching
  • Comfortable, brown leather strap
  • Case and strap sizes can be altered

4. Philosopher Watch Bundle | White Dial, Gun Metal Case, and Navy Nylon, Black Leather, and Silver Mesh Straps

If your man likes interesting and unique products and accessories, he will love the Philosopher watch. This one-of-a-kind dial features an asymmetric second hand, which is meant to remind us of our ability to create a better future by learning from the past.

A great Christmas gift for your boyfriend would be the Philosopher Watch Bundle set. It comes with three straps, that can be used interchangeably. The navy nylon strap is great for men who are active or have physically demanding jobs. The leather and silver mesh straps can be worn when your partner is going out for dinner or meeting friends for a casual drink.

If you’re unsure of your partner’s taste in watches then you should gift him this bundle. You can rest assured that he’ll like at least one of the straps and he’ll be pleased to know that he can switch up his look with the different options.


  • Asymmetric second hand
  • Three different straps
  • One-of-a-kind dial
  • Unique design
  • Perfect for difficult-to-buy-for partners 

5. Pioneer Watch | White Dial and Brown Vegan Leather Strap

We’ve already discussed the Pioneer’s exquisite design. This watch perfectly encapsulates the art and beauty of watchmaking and presents it in a masculine and robust timepiece, that your boyfriend is sure to love.

For many people, ethical living is a big part of their lives. If your partner tries to buy sustainable, and humanely-manufactured products, then you can give him this watch as it comes with a brown vegan leather strap. The quality of this material is just as good as real leather and will provide your partner with comfort all day.

Remember, that with this watch you can customize the dial, case, and strap color. If brown isn’t your boyfriend’s color, then there are many other vegan options available. However, the white dial combined with the warm brown strap creates an attractive men’s wristwatch.


  • Exquisite design
  • Masculine watch
  • Vegan strap
  • Option for customization
  • Overall attractive product

With so many first-rate watches available, you are sure to find something that suits your boyfriend. Watches make an excellent Christmas gift, and if you purchase one from Nordgreen, your partner is sure to be happy on Christmas day!

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