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Red Face Watch Collection for Men and Women

Red Face Watch Collection for Men and Women

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Red Face Watch Collection for Men and Women
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A red face does not usually mean anything pretty.

With our red-face watches, we beg to differ.

This is where we challenge the norms with red dials on an award-winning Philosopher watch range to infuse even more features into what is already a bestseller.

While the black dial might have been your fave before, allow us to reintroduce you to the world of timepieces with a burgundy approach to it.

Like the red French wine, our red face watches are diamonds to your wrists.

Step into the shop today and shop our models with red displays, enjoy the affordable luxury that we provide and stand out in class on top of that.

What's there to not love?

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Red Dial - 5-Link
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Red Dial - 3-Link
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A Tale of The Philosopher Model

The Philosopher tells the tale of a watch that takes a lot of design elements from the past and present while seating pretty for the future.

Every unit of the Philosopher model was developed on the same sturdy basis that traditional timepieces should come with. The classic simplicity of this watch speaks of an elegance that comes with the automatic movement – another line of timepieces in a line of their own – by bringing the old together with the new.

Sustainability is one of the core values here at Nordgreen, and the Philosopher pays homage to that with second, minute, and hour hands on display.

Denmark has come to be known for its windmills. What better way to celebrate where this fine watch came from than to have its hands mimic such a windmill? That way, we not only pay homage to the hometown of the watch but also promote clean and green energy as generated by windmills.

Little wonder we have the "green" in our brand name.

That's not all that earned this unisex watch model its top spot on the international iF Design Award board, though.

Our chief designer, Jakob Wagner, took things further with funnel-style hour markers on the watch display. That was the perfect way to narrow your attention from the hypoallergenic stainless steel case to the beautiful hour hands, simple watch dial, and the single date window complication.

Speaking of the dials, you used to be able to pick up your Philosopher watch with a white or black dial.

Now, you can shop the red dial Philosopher watch and become one of the few owners of this limited edition.

Start by picking up a Philosopher model and customizing it to taste alongside the dials today. For more details on why you should get a red face timepiece in the first place, read on.

The Appeal of Red Watch Dials

For starters, how often do you see red dial watches?

If we were to give you the time to think about that, chances are you haven't even seen one before. Or, maybe in the pictures and movies alone.

Look around you right now to everyone who has a watch on. Peer at the dials, and it's almost always black O'clock. On the flip side, you could have some white dials in there.

These days, those who dare to dream a little are picking the bluish dials. If you want that, we do have blue dial watches for you.

But today, you want something more. You want to stand out. You feel like breaking the fashion rules – whoever set them – and shining through with inspired confidence.

That is where the red dial watches come in for you. But there's more.

The fact that you want to stand out does not mean you want to hog all the attention with your timepiece. You still desire something functional that complements your style rather than draws unnecessary attention to you.

For that, you have the minimalist appeal of the Nordgreen brand as showcased by the Philosopher model on your hands.

Combine both, and you see why you deserve a watch of this caliber.

If you're ready to taste luxury timepieces with affordable pricing, allowing you to customize everything such that it meets your taste, there's just one place you have to be right now:

Shopping the Philosopher red-faced watches.

Explore the Gift of Customizations

When we say that we bring you options, we stick to that promise as a brand.

You already know that you are picking a red-faced watch – or maybe you're still considering that option based on everything else that comes with the burgundy dial package.

That's why you'd love all the details that we put into these options for you.

For starters, you'd only be able to pick this dial color with a silver stainless steel case. We have checked against other colors, and this is the one that blends right against the dial.

That is where our influence over your thoughts ceases.

In other areas, you get to choose what bands you'd prefer to have on your watch.

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel bracelet has been here for longer, so we don't need to be the ones to tell you about it.

Here, we didn't seek to reinvent the wheel.

We know what works already, so we just improved on that.

This is where you get to choose between the 3-Link, 5-Link, or mesh style straps under the stainless steel category.

That's not all.

You can take things a step further by shopping for the color that you want on your stainless steel watch.

Silver is the first pick that would come to mind, matching the case color. You can also choose to make a bold statement with gold or rose gold, depending on your style.

Since black goes well with almost anything, a gunmetal grey finish puts a spin on the usual black finish that you know.


The leather band material is what watch lovers pick when they don't want to go the stainless steel bracelet route.

Just like we put a unique touch on our stainless steel, we also offer our leather bands in two distinct categories:

Genuine Italian leather and vegan leather.

We give you the ultimate quality leather experience with genuine Italian leather treated to a mild level of water resistance, stitched fashionably, and sure to last for long on your luxury watches.

For those who want the leather experience without all the animal cruelty that comes with it, our vegan leather features all that you have been looking for. Now, you can enjoy the leather appeal without skipping a beat – and you didn't have to subscribe to animal-based products either.

As if that's not enough, we allow you to customize every timepiece with the colors that you so desire.

When picking up the leather strap, you can choose to have yours in olive green, navy blue, or patina grey. We also left the traditional options of dark brown, brown, black and black croc leathers in there, if you so desire.


With a 3 ATM water-resistant status, the nylon straps help to keep this watch water-resistant and outdoor-focused even more.

When it is adventure O'clock, you know that you can go with your red-faced dial paired with a nylon strap.

Whenever you're choosing the Philosopher with a nylon strap, the black nylon looks to be the best-paired fit. Considering that we have a red hue on the face of the watch and silver on the case, the watch should be best worn with another color that doesn't draw too much attention.

When you don't feel like decking it out in black, shop the navy blue or olive-green nylon instead.

Interchangeable straps

The best thing about all these band materials is that you don't have to choose one and be done with it.

Note down the different things that you can do with your red dial Philosopher watch, and choose different dials that help you achieve that.

Once you have a primary function set (and a matching strap to boot), the rest will be handled by replacement bands.

All our watches feature a quick-release band mechanism that allows you to swap different straps into them with ease.

To sweeten the deal, we make sure our replacement watch straps are compatible with other quality watches that you might have. That way, you can declutter and have the same bands work for multiple watches.

Shop Red Dial Watches for Men and Women Today

Luxury doesn't have to be expensive, and we have proven that multiple times.

To make a statement with your luxury timepiece is not equal to having the loudest watches in the room. True to the Nordgreen brand standards, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

We add a dab of authenticity and features to these simple luxury watches with dials that spark conversations, turn heads, and complement your outfit. Finished with custom options that let you make the watch yours in its entirety, we leave no stone unturned.

Perhaps the best thing, besides the price, is how we made this happen on our award-winning, unisex watch.

Now, you get an amazing red-faced watch that appeals to the men and mesmerizes the ladies also. On top of that is a great price point to match.

We would like this collection to continue forever, but we are only creating it for the select few who are bold enough to grab one while it lasts.

No, we won't engage in underhand tactics like price manipulation to drive up fake demand. Equality is key for us at Nordgreen, and we'll allow an equal shot at getting one of these watches.

The question is, would you be a part of the privileged few to own our limited-edition red-faced timepiece?

You can shop now to improve your chances of having one shipped to you.

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