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Turquoise Watch Collection for Men and Women

Turquoise Watch Collection for Men and Women

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Turquoise Watch Collection for Men and Women
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Turquoise watches are designed to be noticed on you.

You know that, and that is why you see one out.

The twist is, you don't want those turquoise watches that are made of cheap materials, are too brightly-hued for your liking, or bring all the bells and whistles.

That is why we have gone back to our chief designer, the multiple award-winning Jakob Wagner, to come up with the right blend of cool turquoise color on our minimalist Philosopher watches.

Best suited to women and given a finish that appeals to men also, shop luxury turquoise watches at affordable prices from Nordgreen today.

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White Dial - Turquoise Nato
1.195,00 kr


White Dial - Turquoise Nato
1.395,00 kr

Variety Is the Spice of Life

If you have picked up one of our award-winning Philosopher watches in the past, you know already that we bring you more choices than you can ever imagine.

From the watch dials to the case color and type of strap, you get the freedom to customize everything.

Now, we take that a step further with these limited-edition models of the turquoise dial on the same Philosopher watch.

We would love to keep this watch around as a mainstay in our collection, but we maintain a strict line of watches so that we don't have to deal with inventory and charge you for that.

This is one of the many ways that we save costs that we pass on to you in the form of mouth-watering prices on these luxury watches.

If you are interested in being one of the lucky few that get their hands on this brightly colored turquoise dial, now is the time to shop for your preferred watch.

Pick the Philosopher series as you would, choose to have the limited-edition turquoise dial, and customize the rest of the watch to your taste. Check out and let our international shopping partners bring it to your doorstep for free.

Why we chose the Philosopher

We could have decided to put the colors on just about any other watch.

Just last season, we re-introduced the Pioneer Chronograph for men in beautiful new green and brown sunray dials.

With the unisex Philosopher collection, we give Nordgreen ladies and men like yourself the room to enjoy the colorful party that we are throwing this time around.

The party doesn't last for long, depending on the availability of this stock. If there is one thing that we can promise you, though, it is that it will be fun while it lasts – and even more fun for the handful of customers who get their hands on a unit, at least.

Likewise, we sought to bring our award-wining models to customers like yourself that have believed in the Nordgreen promise. Without tailoring our watches to your requests and needs, we would not have landed the iF Design Award that this watch has to its name today.

The best part is that you get to pick the same watch for your partner as a couple's watch if you so desire.

If they are not so fascinated by the turquoise color like you, we have other limited-edition models for them. Choose from the red face watch, green dial Philosopher, yellow-faced timepiece, or the pink face option, depending on what your partner prefers.

Since these are all limited editions, you have the exclusivity of owning those models that are truly special and peculiar.

Customize the Straps to Match

What color combinations do you have in mind?

You've got turquoise on the watch face already, and you've got the shine of metallic silver on the watch frame. If you could make the colors pop better than this, what would you do?

Fortunately, we don't limit you to a single option.

At Nordgreen, here are the customizations that you can make to taste:

Stainless Steel

Just because no true watch collection is complete without a good stainless steel strap to match.

For those allergic to nickel, our hypoallergenic stainless steel bands are nickel-safe and greatly reduce or eliminate your chances of getting irritated.

That's not the best part.

Before you start choosing the colors at all, you get to options of 3-Link, 5-Link, and the mesh stainless steel design. Then, you can explore the colors we have for you.

Keeping things simple will be going with the silver bracelet to match the case color. You can switch things up with gunmetal grey, which is another color, but keep the neutral profile from being close to black.

If you're going for a truly attention-grabbing minimalist watch, there is no better way to do that than with our gold and rose gold finishes.


How do you like your leather served? Vegan or non-vegan?

No matter which it is, we've got you covered on both fronts.

Our non-vegan straps are made of highly comfortable and snugly-fitting genuine Italian leather materials. The stitching on this leather contributes to the quality and also adds a statement of style on top. 

To cap it off, you get genuine Italian leather in all of black (and black croc), brown, olive green, patina grey, and navy blue.

The play on colors might not extend to the vegan leather collection, but you get the traditional black and brown finishes here. With our cruelty-free straps, you get to enjoy all the benefits that leather straps bring to the table without the animal parts.


While we would prefer that you wear your turquoise face watch with dresses or formal outfits, there are those times when you need a beautiful rugged watch.

Already coming with a 3ATM water resistance rating out of the box, you can step up the outdoor style with a NATO-style strap from us.

Who said you can't have some fun outdoors and sport a brilliant watch at the same time? Not us, and not you either.

Offer Valid While Stock Lasts

Nordgreen has long been in the business of offering luxury watches at unbelievable price points, and we are not about to stop.

That is why we don't intend on offering these limited-edition watches to you at an exorbitant price.

Everyone gets a fair share at picking one up, at the same price, till we exhaust the stock.

This helps us continue our clutter-free mindset at Nordgreen, where we don't keep a huge inventory, allowing us to save costs that we pass on to you in the form of better prices.

Likewise, it helps us to appreciate the customers that pick up a unit or more as they continue to revel in the fact that they are just one of a few in the world with the same brightly colored watches.

You can pick up the same Philosopher watch in other special dial colors that we introduced alongside this one. Here, you have options from the red dials, green face, pink watch dial, and yellow display to choose from.

If any one of those watches catches your fancy, you cannot afford to sit on the fence for too long.

We know you want it – and we are ready to ship you one or more, according to your needs.

What would it be, then? Head over to the shop right now to customize your turquoise watch and stand a better chance of snagging a unit for yourself.


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