Men's Watches with Brown Leather Strap

Roses are red, violets are blue, and men's watches with brown leather straps have long been a staple for men.

Leather watches for men come in a variety of colors and finishes, but the brown hue takes the fashion crown most times.

For our classic, traditional and modern men with taste, the picks below are at your mercy. Nordgreen offers the best of this band color across different sophisticated collections in affordable price brackets.

Native | White Dial - Brown Leather - 28mm / Silver
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Brown Leather
Philosopher - Brown Leather - 36mm / Silver
36mm 40mm
Philosopher - Brown Leather

What makes leather bands special?

So, what's all the fuss around these straps on watches for men?

Of course, they could not be winning the race against other watches simply because of how they look. Of which they do look good, might we add.

Among other things, here are some things you are missing out on if you are yet to buy yourself a leather wristwatch.


Search for good hide to enjoy the comfort of this material around your wrist.

The material is naturally fluffy-like and soft. There is also a lesser chance of worrying about the watch strap reacting with your skin.


The band material is related to snug fits.

The ability to adjust the straps in real-time without looking for a link removal kit (side-eye to the metal bands) makes it even more practical for everyday usage.

Whether for use in a business environment or pleasure, leather bands eliminate sloppiness to give you a more tailored appeal.


A leather wristwatch fits into different styles.

There are men's leather watches for every occasion.

You can get a new wristwatch for business and yet another one for outdoor usage. The change could be in the kind of hide that you pair the wristwatch with, stitching, and other factors, as we have discussed here.

Likewise, you could also transition the same wristwatch into a new role anytime the need arises.


Variety, they say, is the spice of life – and we believe that too.

At Nordgreen, we specialize in bringing different design options to the customer. Hence, we have an assortment of black, white, pink, and other amazing colors on our leather bands.

Overall Quality

A lot of design elements go into making leather bands the premium and versatile choice that it is today.

From the different kinds of hide sources (from cow to lizards and alligators) to the stitching, these watches have a lot of class in store.

Can you wear leather strap watches every day?

We build our leather watches with the same level of sophistication and attention to detail that other watches enjoy.

Nordgreen ensures all of the watches here can stand the test of time and keep telling time for long.

From the choice of metal frame material to the quality of the leather, we've got it all covered.

Diving under the hood, our choice of the quartz movement is not a mistake either. Specifically with Japanese quartz, we promise that you are about to buy that one piece of watch that can easily morph into your daily driver for different purposes.

How long can a leather watch strap last?

On average, it would take about 400 – 500 wears for a good leather strap to start showing strong signs of wear and tear.

The duration of wear mentioned above is taking into considerations the fact that:

  • You are not exposing your leather strap to water (especially if it not rated for water)
  • You are not abusing the strap in any way. Occasional scruffs will happen, and that has been accounted for.
  • You are storing your unit properly after each wear.
  • You observe general non-intensive wristwatch maintenance tips.

Can you replace a metal watch bracelet with a leather one?


At Nordgreen, we allow our customers to buy a variety of bands and straps that suits their fancy even if they were not getting a wristwatch with it.

If you were to buy a new wristwatch, you could also be entitled to a free strap. As long as that's on the freebie menu for that purchase, that is.

You should consider the case diameter, style, and other factors of the metal watch when you shop for a replacement leather strap. You can use our new watch strap buying selector to come up with the right size leather strap for your watch.

Which of these men's leather watches should I buy?

Now that you know why they stand out, you also need to buy the best watch for your style.

The Pioneer watch is the collection for the modern man who doesn't mind breaking a few rules. Of the classic features on this watch are a system of chronographs, a day/ date display window, and a sturdy build to match.

If you would prefer something simple instead, you want to buy the Native watch. It is not every day you see a blue watch dial which makes one standout feature for this timepiece. Without the watch brand information, the dial is as bare as they come.

Maybe you would prefer the best of both worlds, though, in which case you should see what the Philosopher series has in stock for you.

Borrowing the sturdy build from the Pioneer series and staying simple enough to resemble the Native watch, the watch is a classic timepiece waiting to ship to you anywhere in the world.