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Love in Times of Lockdown

Despite the global circumstances, the love season has arrived! No matter if you are a supporter of the idea behind Valentine’s Day, or not, as many countries are either still in lockdown, or partially-closed, we are more than ever drawn to embrace the essence behind this day. Besides this year’s lack of store displays decorated with hearts, pigeons and roses, and over-crowded restaurants,  this time we truly get to focus on that one thing that truly matters - the time spent together, as a refuge from all the alarming things happening outside the safe realms of our homes. In this blog piece you can find thoughtful gift suggestions, as well as things to do on the day, in order to make the most out of your home celebration.

Treat your other half

In case Valentine’s is totally your cup of tea and you are looking for a symbolic way to demonstrate your affection to your loved one, then a Nordgreen timepiece might just be your perfect gift option. With the risk of sounding as a cliché, in reality time is all we have and there is no gift that can be more precious than that, especially with the dynamic and busy lifestyles we have nowadays. As an add-on to that, a timepiece with a clean and timeless design like any model of our collection, could be the ideal way to surprise your significant other with a little something that can symbolise your story and highlight the importance of your time spent together.


How to create a personalised gift

If you are looking for something a little more personal for the occasion, our timepieces come by default with the opportunity to donate a portion of the purchase to the worthy cause of one out of three NGOs, that Nordgreen has been collaborating with since the very emergence of the brand. Through our Giving Back Program, your other half can discover the charity mission that resonates the most with them and proudly wear their new timepiece, knowing that it contributed to a good cause.

What’s more, you can create a personalised watch set crafted accordingly to the taste of that special someone. Whether your loved one is into classic looks, trendy accessories, or has a sporty side - a Nordgreen watch can be transformed into the perfect add-on for any style. You simply need to choose the watch base and mix and match our different straps to create that perfect watch set. Easy and convenient as that - just go to our bundle builder.


A little tip from us: a hand-written note that lets your partner know that they can pick themselves the mission of their new timepiece, as well as why this watch reminded you of them would truly make your gift one to remember and it might be the perfect occasion to highlight the sides of your partner that you love - we can guarantee that they will be touched!

How to create a memorable experience at home

Even though many of the exciting activities and places to go to might remain closed for the day, the situation is far from hopeless. In fact it might be a great opportunity to do something together that you haven’t done before. Here are some suggestions:

Why not replace the regular sushi date by becoming the sushi chefs yourselves? The materials are rather easy to get hold of and there are tons of videos out there explaining how to go through the preparation successfully. That’s surely a great way to make your meal fun and memorable!

Or how about exploring each other’s creative sides? Wine and art sessions have had increasing popularity recently and are as easy and exciting to arrange at home. That could be a great exercise to create something for each other - an abstract portrait of the other person, or a scenery of a place that you had been to together, for instance. And don’t worry, you definitely don’t need to be professional painters to enjoy the soothing feeling evoked by mixing colours over paper, or canvas. Just embrace the process and celebrate each other’s presence.

Lastly, watching a good movie together is a timeless Valentine’s classic, but how about upgrading it with some exquisite homemade cocktails? Just like that, you could become masters of mixology. Once again, the videos out there are countless, yet the opportunity to recreate the drinks you enjoyed having ‘once upon a time’ on a real date would for sure make your experience at home lovely.



Whatever you choose to do, it is always a good idea to give a little something to that special someone to serve as a reminder of your wonderful time spent together, long when the day itself is gone. Explore our gifting range and create an ever-lasting souvenir of your shared memories.

January 22, 2021 by Radina Vladimirova

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