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Nordgreen x Mathilde Gøhler: Q&A Behind the Scenes

Unika is the fifth timepiece in the Nordgreen collection that comes as a celebration of open-minded beauty. Nordgreen x Mathilde Gøhler combines all the unique Unika components in a redefined two-toned statement piece, which brings gold and silver in a graceful symbiosis. The purpose that comes with the design of the Unika female line is to inspire women to pursue and communicate to the world their authenticity with an open mind and note of playfulness. That is why we asked Mathilde about the things that inspire her and lead her forward, behind the scenes of our latest campaign photoshoot:


Jakob Wagner designed Unika as a celebration of 'open-minded' beauty. What does that mean for you? 

To me it means that you take control and have an open vision, so you can define what beauty means to you, in your own time and space. 

Do you have elements in your style that make you you?

I always search for comfort and for long lasting pieces in my wardrobe, so I can buy with good conscience, knowing that I will love the pieces for many years. 


Which is your favourite Unika combination?

The 32mm Unika piece, combined with a two toned strap - that’s my new everyday signature watch. Ever since I got it fitted for my wrist, I have been wearing it everyday and love how it lifts up any vintage blazer or outfit. 

What is your ultimate source of inspiration?

I get a lot of inspiration from nature, the colors, the boldness, the serenity and the calmness. I love all the seasons in terms of styling, the change of moods and the way the wardrobe shifts in the same way that the seasons do. From happy and bright in the summer, to warm and comforting in the winter. 


What do you dream of doing in a covid-free world?

I really miss seeing people, hugging my friends, and feeling safe around the world. 

I miss being a free bird travelling every month, meeting new people and experiencing new parts of the world. 

Nordgreen's brand philosophy is rooted in sustainability and minimalism, not only in terms of design, but also as a way of living. What roles do minimalism and sustainability have in your life? 

The moment I really opened my eyes for sustainable living, was the moment after I gave birth to my daughter. It was like my whole perspective of life was changed forever. I felt a sudden responsibility for taking care of the earth in a different way, because I was terrified of the world she was going to grow up in. What happens in 2055 when she is 50? 

We can all do little things, buying organic, supporting small local places, not wasting food or items, thinking about our water consumption, eating vegetarian etc.  I believe that even the smallest things make a difference.


Any thoughts on your collaboration with Nordgreen?

It's already been a learning journey and  I have the biggest respect and good feelings for Nordgreen’s values, as they truly resonate with my own. I believe you can’t get anything, unless you are also willing to give, and I am confident that this is the future - to combine sustainable design with charity. 

I can’t wait to see what this collaboration will give back to the children in Kenya. I know that they see the outside world and their helpers as their guardian angels who take care of them, because they aren’t able to do so themselves. I feel a great responsibility towards them, and I think that we all should.


In addition to our special charity collaboration, the element that brings together all Nordgreen collections is the Giving Back Program, which is the foundation of our brand. Each one of our designs comes with a cause of your choice. Make a change together with your Unika statement piece and leave a mark in the world.

February 21, 2021 by Radina Vladimirova

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