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Behind the obvious fashion appeal, his and hers watches are a functional piece of couple jewelry.

They are great for their style, matching tone, and appeal, especially considering the thought of togetherness behind the choice.

But then, the best his and hers watches are a function of the thought process that goes into choosing them.

As you search our featured options, keep some of this information in mind.

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Why the Need for Couple's Watches?

These timeless watches for couples have been the rave of many watchmakers and their customers for a while now.

That is not the reason why you should get one.

Among other great reasons, these stand out.

Completing Tradition

Not many people know that when a woman gets an engagement ring, the man is supposed to get an engagement watch to match.

If the classic engagement ring tradition is not dead in 2021, we see no reason why the engagement watch deal should not be honored to date.

Why buy an ordinary watch for your partner when you can get a set that you will both remember for its significance?

Couples Gift

Sometimes, you don't know what to get that new couple in your life.

Maybe you are not as close to them as you'd like, so you don't know what they would prefer. Some other times, they might look like the couple that has everything.

No matter the instance, a wristwatch pair is a classic gift item.

Just Because

Who said you needed a reason to get your significant other any present, anyway?

Sometimes, matching his and hers watches are the most thoughtful surprise presents to spring.

Unlike any other gift, this one will most likely be on your hands every day.


Choosing the Best Couple's Watches

Some of these watches come in a set already. Others require that you check out each watch series and see which one can be copped for yourself and your significant other.

This simple guide will have you making a selection of the best couple's watches in no time.

Start with Good Brands

First things first, you need to search for the best brands around you.

Even if they were not physically around you, see if they ship to your country/ region.

That said, the emphasis here is on the brand being reputable enough. That improves the quality of the present and purchase.


At Nordgreen, for example, our collection features different men's and ladies' timepieces.

Of these collections, we have unique women's picks (such as the Unika and Infinity) and men's (drumrolls for the Pioneer watches). However, we have those unisex builds (Native and Philosopher series) that both men and women can use.

Matching Options

That the watches need to be similar does not mean they should be the same in all aspects.

The day-to-day use of the same watch could be different for the man and woman. Thus, consider the following:

  • Color – two-tone watches are generally considered less appealing for formal events. If the watch is paired with a suit/ for a dress event, stick to a single finish on the watch.
  • Material – the main material of the make (watch case) should be the same. Stainless steel watches are the most common for his, and hers watches. You can also substitute stainless steel for titanium to have a more premium feel.
  • Band – the choice of the band doesn't have to be similar as long as the watches are the same. You could play around with a silver/ gold/ rose gold stainless steel bracelet, brown/ white/ black leather band, nylon straps, or anyone else you see fit.
  • Dial – yet another instance where the hue counts, not just on the bracelet. These days, we don't have just black and white to deal with. Search around, and you'll find blue dials that look just as great. You might even be lucky and snag a mother-of-pearl dial watch.

The aim is to get a watch that is similar in many ways but different enough that it matches the styles of the couple/ your significant other too.


There are diverse watch movements – but we have found the quartz movement to be the most reliable.

You want the timepiece to last for long, keeping the time for all those amazing moments spent together in your relationship. A quartz movement makes that possible with little to no maintenance.

Two, as One

Go through the sea of options we have for you here at Nordgreen. Use our filtering system to identify the perfect watch for you. From the numerals they feature to the choice of the bezel, finding something that matches your styles just got easier.

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