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White Leather Watchband on a Native white dial watch

White Leather Watchband Collection

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White Leather Watchband on a Native white dial watch
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Nordgreen’s white leather watch strap collection offers ample opportunity to create a unique look. White watches only became popular in recent times, so wearing one will make you stand out.

White is a versatile color that pairs well with many different tones and textures. As a result, you can combine a watch that has prominent white elements with many different styles. Because white is unique but versatile, it is the ideal color to create a personal style without breaking the fashion rules.

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White Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr

White Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr

White Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr

White Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr

White Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr

White Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr


White Dial - White Leather
1.295,00 kr


White Leather
1.495,00 kr


Black Dial - White Leather
1.295,00 kr
outlet sale


Navy Dial - White Leather
1.295,00 kr

White Leather watch Strap

345,00 kr

White Leather Watch Strap

345,00 kr

If your outfit consists mostly of dark color, a white strap is an ideal way to add a welcoming contrast. Combining the white straps with gold, rose gold, or silver elements can add sufficient visual interest to give your dark outfit a well-rounded appearance. Because white is a neutral color, you can pair it with any dark colors, including black, burgundy, navy, or charcoal.

You can also use your white watch straps to complement other light accents in your attire. For example, if you are wearing a sundress with white polka dots, a white watch strap will establish a common theme across your outfit and accentuate the interest of your dress’s white elements.

Likewise, men can also combine white accessories such as bow ties or pocket squares with white leather watch straps. If you are wearing light pants with a navy blazer, for example, a white band is also the ideal choice of watch to pull your outfit together as a unit.

If your entire outfit has a light tone—for example, you may be wearing a light grey suit with a white shirt, white pocket square, and light-tone tie—a darker watch is not ideal. Even a color with a value in the mid-range may appear too dark and bombastic, as there are no other darker elements in your attire. With outfits like these, you need a white watch strap to complete the look.

A predominantly white watch will always look modern. However, by choosing an authentic material like brown leather or tan leather instead of silicone, you can dial back on modernity. Leather is also suitable for formal settings and pairs well with suits, as well as jeans, adding to the versatility that white offers.

Likewise, a white watch is the ideal option for women who want are looking to complete a casual yet edgy outfit. Combining a white watch with a beige top and light-toned skater skirt will allow you to experiment with black accessories like a belt, handbag, sunglasses, and shoes. A white watch is also a must-have for basic outfits like blue and white or red and white flare dresses with white heeled sandals.

The list of ways to style a white watch is endless. Because of white’s neutrality, you can wear a white watch strap with most outfits, and you will have a complete, contemporary look. Additionally, if you are looking for a unique yet simplistic watch, your best option is to consider a white leather strap.

Pairing with a Nordgreen Timepiece

To enhance the appeal of your white leather strap, you have to pair it with an appropriate timepiece that matches your personal style. Nordgreen offers complete timepiece customizability to help you achieve a new, unique look.

Elements you can customize include timepiece design, size, dial color, and case color. Experiment with these different variables until you find a combination that matches your white leather straps and the look you want to achieve. 


Nordgreen offers three different timepiece designs that work with white leather straps. These designs include Philosopher, Infinity, and Native. 

The Philosopher is the design that is the most detailed of the three and features three hands, a date window, and minute marks. This design is popular among people who want added functionality, but don’t want to compromise on minimalistic sophistication.

The Infinity has a classic appearance with a dial that features minute marks, but no date window or lugs. Many ladies prefer this design as an accessory for formal occasions. The Native design is the most minimalistic design with no minute marks or second hand, but is filled to the brim with personality and visual appeal.


Nordgreen’s white leather watch straps come in two sizes, namely 32mm and 36mm. We recommend 32mm and 36mm for ladies and the 36mm for men. The width of the 36mm strap is 18mm, and the width of the 32mm strap is 16mm.

Generally speaking, the more formal you want your ladies’ watch to be, the thinner the strap. The more delicate 32mm strap is ideal for formal attires, as it won’t draw attention away from your dress, but it will still complete your look. The larger 36mm strap has a more prominent profile, which is ideal for casual settings.

Dial Color

When shopping for a Nordgreen watch, you can choose from three different dial colors, namely white, black, and navy. You can pair our white leather straps with any of these colors. If you select the white dial, your watch will have a uniform appearance, which is ideal for contrasting dark tones or for complementing other white elements in your outfit.

Combining white straps with the black dial will add ample interest to the watch, and is the best option if you want the focus to be on the straps rather than the dial. Choosing a navy dial with the white strap will achieve a classic look, which is suitable for formal settings. 

Case Color

Nordgreen offers a selection of four case colors, including silver, rose gold, gold, and gunmetal. Generally speaking, gunmetal and silver are the ideal choices to achieve a masculine look, while gold and rose gold are more suited to lady watches. There are no rules, however, and you can experiment on our product listings to find the perfect combination for you.

The strap buckle has the same color as the case. For example, if you choose the gold case, the ideal color for the buckle is also gold to ensure uniformity in the design.

Nordgreen White Leather Watch Straps

There are many suppliers of white leather watch straps. However, you want the best in quality, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. Nordgreen’s white leather straps meet all of these requirements and more. If you want a leather strap that will last for many years to come without showing any signs of deterioration, you came to the right place.

Genuine Italian Leather

Nordgreen’s leather straps are made of genuine Italian leather. This means that the leather was tanned with authentic processes in Italy, resulting in a superior material.

Italian leather is widely used in the fashion industry because of its style and sophistication. One of the most effective ways to enhance the perceived luxury of an accessory or clothing item is to incorporate Italian leather.

In addition to visual appeal, Italian leather also offers complete resistance to everyday wear and tear. This is because a great deal of skill and craftsmanship goes into the production of Italian leather products.

How to Clean Your Watch Strap

Another benefit of Italian leather is that it has a low maintenance requirement. We recommend cleaning and treating your leather watch strap at least once every two weeks.

Don’t use water to clean your strap. Italian leather is porous, and contact with water can result in discoloration, staining, warping, or other kinds of damage. If your leather band accidentally came into contact with water, wipe it dry with an absorbent cloth, and let it dry naturally. Don’t use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process, as the heat can damage the leather.

To clean your strap, wipe away all dirt from the stitching and surface of the leather. Then use a mild soap and lather it on the leather with your fingers using a tapping motion. After applying the cleanser, let it sit for a minute and wipe it away with an absorbent cloth 

Next, apply your favorite leather oil or conditioner to moisturize the leather, so it doesn’t dry out and crack. These products will also give your strap an attractive shine. You can find leather care products at your local hardware store or watchmaker.

Quality Stitching

Nordgreen’s leather watch straps feature durable and high-quality stitching to ensure that your strap remains in good condition. The stitches of these straps are also white, but they have a prominent appearance to add some interest and authenticity to your watch.


Our straps are easily and quickly interchangeable to change the appearance of your timepiece. After selecting a timepiece, you can choose up to three watch straps you like. Because our watches have simplistic, versatile appearances, the straps have a significant effect on the timepiece’s style.

The straps we offer at Nordgreen have standard sizes, so you will be able to attach them to watches from other brands as well. 

Designed for Nordgreen Timepieces 

Despite compatibility with other timepieces, Nordgreen straps are specially designed for our timepieces. The buckles have the same colors as the cases, and our chief designer fashioned the straps with our timepieces in mind.

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