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Blue Dial Women's Watches

Blue Dial Women's Watches

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Blue Dial Women's Watches
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Add some color to your everyday accessories with our women’s blue dial watches. Thought to be a sudden trend, blue dial watches have been around long enough to be part of vintage collections. 

For a warm look to your outfit, go with our Native women’s watches in rose gold, with a dark brown leather strap, and a navy blue dial. Decide to be versatile with your women’s blue dial watch and switch between your watch straps to perfectly fit your outfit. With our Bundle Builders, you can select one of our minimalist watch models, a case, and dial color along with a strap, then choose two more straps to complete your Bundle!

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Navy Dial - 5-Link
€102,00 €204,00
outlet sale


Navy Dial - Brown Leather
€90,00 €179,00


Navy Dial - Mesh
€95,00 €189,00


Navy Dial - Navy Blue Leather


Navy Dial - 3-Link
outlet sale


Navy Dial - Black Leather
€90,00 €179,00
outlet sale


Navy Dial - Brown Vegan Leather


Navy Dial - Navy Blue Nato
outlet sale


Navy Dial - Black Mesh
outlet sale


Navy Dial - Dark Brown Leather
€90,00 €179,00


Navy Dial - Black Nato


Navy Dial - Grey Leather
€90,00 €179,00
outlet sale


Navy Dial - White Leather
€90,00 €179,00

If you want a professional look, a great watch is the perfect finishing touch. It allows you to display some individuality without seeming over-accessorized. A great watch with a minimalistic design is not only classy; it will suit many different occasions and outfits.

Unlike high-fashion options, it will never go out of style. The watch that you wear also says a lot about you. Someone with an obviously expensive watch wants to prove that they have money. Someone with a more unassuming design demonstrates that they’re confident enough in themselves.

But what if you’d like something with a little more flair? Something a bit different from what everyone else is wearing? With our range, you can opt for a navy-blue dial to make a splash. The color is unusual enough to make an impression.

But women’s blue dial watches are also conservative enough to wear at the office. The blue is neutral enough to match the other clothes in your wardrobe. It transitions smoothly from day to evening wear, and that makes it more versatile.  

When we first started our company, we looked for a clean and clear color as an alternative to black. Navy was a natural fit. And the color fits perfectly with our designer’s clean and simple design ideas.

Designer? Yikes, That’ll Cost a Fortune

Under normal circumstances, you’d be entirely correct. Except that exorbitant prices were never part of our company’s vision. We don’t believe that you should have to sell a kidney to afford a designer original.

We wanted to opt for the same quality at a mid-range price level. Naturally, we had to sacrifice something to keep the prices more reasonable. It’s never worth cutting corners when it comes to quality, so we simplified our designs.

First and foremost, we stuck to creating timepieces, not gadgets. That meant paring everything back to the essential features. Secondly, we decided to keep a limited range of models. That’s why you’ll see that we have just four design options to choose from.

To keep things interesting for our clients, we offer customization options. You can change the color of the case and dial, the type or color of the strap, or the dial size. This leaves you free to choose the ideal combination for yourself.

Does Anyone Need a Watch Anymore?

Technically, you could check your mobile phone for the time. So why get a timepiece? There are several reasons:

  • If your phone’s in your hand, it’s easy to get it out. If it’s not, you have to dig through your purse to find it and then unlock it before you can see the time. Is that better than a quick glance at your wrist?
  • People judge us by our appearances. Wearing a watch tells people that you care about punctuality. They’ll feel that you’re more reliable.
  • A timepiece will work with any outfit.
  • Finally, a timepiece will run on one “charge” for about three years or so. There’s no mobile device that even comes close.

What are Your Options?

The Pioneer

This is a large watch, so it’s better for those with a larger bone structure. We opted for a chronograph look. You’ll get a face with two dials inlaid into it. One dial marks seconds, the other is a stopwatch. If you have the bone structure to pull it off, this bold design works well.

The Native

With this design, we stripped away any extraneous detail. There are no date or minute markings on the dial. What you get is a clean design and statement piece.

While you’re at it, why not pick out an extra set of straps? That way, you can change up the look easily. See our “Bundles” section for great deals on a watch and two sets of straps. You’ll get three different looks and a great deal.

You could, for example, choose a blue dial, gold case, and gold straps. You could then change things up by getting an extra vegan leather strap for when you want a warm, luxurious look. And why not add in a rubber strap as well for hanging out at home?

The Philosopher

If the idea of having a blue dial doesn’t interest you, consider the Philosopher. It only comes in white, and it’s our most sophisticated model. It’s got a hand to count off the seconds and a date feature. We’ve marked both the hours and minutes.

If you're looking for more options with blue dials, take a look at our men's blue dial watch collection.

Why Choose Us?

We value quality. One of our goals is to become an iconic brand. The only way to do that is to ensure that we use high-quality components. Our timepieces may not have as many extra features, but you don’t need them anyway.

We run our business on hygge, the Danish principle of simplicity. What is hygge? It’s the act of simplifying your life so that you have more time to do the things that matter to you.

We Give Back

We care about the earth and the people that call it home. That’s why we donate money to a worthy charity every time we make a sale. We’ve chosen three causes that are close to our hearts:

  • Providing water to people in the Central African Republic
  • Helping to educate youngsters in India
  • Protecting the rainforests

If you’re wondering who decides which charity the money goes to, it’s you. You’ll be asked to select one of the three before you complete your purchase.

What Components do We Use?

Miyota Movements

A timepiece is only good if it keeps time accurately. That’s why we started with the best movement manufacturers in the business – Miyota. This Japanese company has earned its reputation by producing highly accurate movements.


You might think that the battery is not that important. Unfortunately, though, you get what you pay for here. Cheap batteries need to be replaced every few months. The batteries that we use will last anywhere from two to three years.  

Mineral Glass

We use the same glass that mobile phone manufacturers do – Sapphire glass. We use it for the same reasons that they do as well. It’s sturdy, doesn’t scratch easily, and will stand up to some abuse.


One of our pet peeves is when we buy something that gives out after a few uses. That’s why we look for higher-quality options for our straps.

Choose out of the following options:

  • Vegan Leather: Farming cattle is not good for the environment. That’s one of the reasons that we offer vegan leather. It looks similar to real leather but is made from plant pulp. It’s also an excellent alternative for vegans. 
  • Italian Leather: Of course, if you do want the real deal, we can assist. We choose the finest Italian leather so that it lasts for years.
  • High-Grade Stainless Steel: A stainless-steel strap is a good option for those that are tougher on their watches. But these aren’t big and bulky like your typical stainless-steel model. We make the strap out of a fine mesh.
  • Nylon: Leather’s great, but it does require some TLC. Nylon is practically a wash and wear option. If the strap gets a little grubby, take it off and give it a good scrub. Let it dry and put it back on. It’s as easy as that.
  • Rubber: Rubber is a good option if you’re working in an area with high humidity or moisture levels.


Every one of our models is water-resistant.

Two Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

We’ve doubled up on the standard warranty. That’s how confident we are that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. Should anything go wrong, we have a repair or replace policy to cover you.

Explore our watches for men here.

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