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Probably the best Scandinavian watch

I wanted a special memento of my favourite city, Copenhagen. This beautiful watch is exactly what Danish design is all about; beautiful, simplistic and modern. I look forward to many hyggelig moments with it.

Matthew Soucie, May 14 2020

Can definitely recommend buying from Nordgreen

Very pleased with my purchase - exactly what I was hoping it would be. Very quick delivery , well packaged. Would definitely recommend. Particularly like the scheme where part of the purchase price goes to an eco scheme.

Shelagh Williams, April 27 2020

I'm completely amazed

For some years now I have been looking for a quality watch that will last me a lifetime, like my grandparents' time. I finally found a brand with whom I identify.

Raquel Pereira, April 28 2020

Watch is exactly as advertised.

Very quick service and speedy delivery. Beautiful quality watch at good price,very easy to change bands.¨

Steven Chee, 14/02/2021

Excellent service, high quality products

Ordered on a Sunday, received on Tuesday which is phenomenal in the current circumstances. Love the watch, really classy

Chris Brown, May 27 2020


Quick delivery, watch looks great and love the CSR scheme to give back to the environment. 5 stars!

Ben Challenger, April 27 2020

Great service

We were really satisfied with our experence with Nordgreen! The product was great and the customer service was always very helpfull. Will definitely order again from them!

Anonymous, 28/01/2021

Great design, fast

The watch is beautiful and it arrived in just a couple of days to the US from Copenhagen.

Paul D'Alto, May 28 2020

When simplicity is everything

A very nice watch with a beautiful simple design and not that expensive as well

Mohamed El Kerdany

The ordering and processing of my order was very smooth and my order arrived in 3 days! I had made an error on entering the address and had contacted Nordgreen right away. They were able to change the address at the warehouse and sent me a confirmation which took away the anxiety.

Cynthia Lau, 28/01/2021

After seeing my not so positive online review about their lack of response to my issues with my previous watch the Nordgreen team were quick to suggest a replacement and organise delivery

Anonymous, 31/01/2021

Beautiful Timepiece

I like the watch on my shirt. It is a nice watch to wear. Simplistic and beautiful at the same time. I value this purchase. Thank you.

Soham Trivedi

Hypo allergenic watches are not new in the market – but their importance can never be overstated.

At Nordgreen, committing to making sure we have these types of watches on our roster is borne of the need to ensure that our customers can get their style up without wondering if they would suffer an allergic reaction in the process.

Thus, our collection of nickel-safe watches reinforces our commitment and dedication to not only the Nordic and Danish values that have come to become our north star but to also being a responsible brand that puts you first.

Shop our large expanse of hypoallergenic watches across various watch ranges for men and women, and never have to worry about checking in for a metal allergy ever again.

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For the earth

Our commitment to earth first echoes the principles of Danish society, seeking to inspire positive change by giving back to the world. Wearing Nordgreen gives you the chance to donate to one of three global sustainability organisations via our Giving Back Program.

For form and function

Created by award-winning designer Jakob Wagner, our minimalist Danish designs honour form and function in equal measure, with each having a different story to tell. These are modern classics: watches designed for everyone, everywhere.

What are hypoallergenic watches?

The first usage of the term hypoallergenic dates from 1953 to a cosmetical campaign. The literal meaning is "lower allergenic." In other words, products marked with this feature produce fewer allergic reactions – although this term lacks some medical explanations.

During these modern times, people started developing allergic reactions to lots of things. Sadly, watches are also included. As a responsible company, we feel we need to explain some things, especially about making our watches.

Right here and now, we will try to break some usual myths about hypo allergenic watches. We have also developed this practical guide to inform you of aspects of these watches that you might have missed out on.

What wristwatches are hypo-allergenic?

If you have no allergies, well, every watch is. That is not the case for everyone, though.

Thus, hypoallergenic watches bring little to no allergies from using them. In these cases, your wrist is not reacting to the watch itself but the materials that it has been made with.

To understand what hypoallergenic watches are, we take a look at the different watch materials that might cause allergy problems.

Nickel allergy – word of the experts

In most cases of allergic reactions from using watches, nickel is the culprit.

Nickel is not only one of the most abundant metals on earth but is also one of the top-notch materials that make their way into the watch. Now, even though the element is not a chemical compound, its mode of extraction and usage might contribute to skin reactions in some users.

Nickel allergic contact dermatitis is a red rash. It appears on the skin of people that are allergic to nickel. This type of allergy isn't life-threatening and can be simply solved. You just need to avoid the nickel.

Nickel allergy isn't hereditary but acquired by a long-time contact with the nickel.

It could be argued that nickel could simply be taken out of watches so that all of them are nickel-safe and do not cause any allergic reactions. However, things are not as simple.

Nickel is a material with a high melting point, which makes it suitable against corrosion. It is likewise a less expensive piece of metal. That allows manufacturers to focus on putting premium effort into other parts of the watch without letting the metal dictate the price.

That said, not all metal nickel substances present in the material will cause an allergy. The allergic reaction is not caused by the presence of the nickel itself but by how much it is released over time.

Leather and rubber allergy

Metal watches and parts usually get the most rap when discussing hypoallergenic watches. The truth is, the culprits are more than that.

Enter leather and rubber straps and watches.

Dimethyl fumarate (DMF) is the most common cause of leather allergies.

DMF is a chemical compound used for tanning leather. Individuals who are sensitive to DMF will experience severe skin reactions.

Rubber allergy is also one of the most common ones caused by petrochemicals. Both leather and rubber allergies have almost similar symptoms:

  • Itchy skin
  • Burning hot skin
  • Dark or red rash
  • Dry and rough skin
  • Skin that peels

Although annoying, these allergy types don't pose a serious threat to your general health. Avoid contact with those materials, and pay a visit to your doctor. The usual medical treatment is cortisone creams and antihistamines.

Stainless Steel – Busting the Myths

Some believe that watches designed with stainless steel can cause no metal allergy problems. That could not be farther from the truth.

Stainless steel is not a metal in itself but an alloy of different metals. The metals chosen for the alloy are picked based on their preferred properties so that a more superior metal can be created.

One of such metals that makes it to the stainless steel alloy is nickel, mostly for its affordability and resistance to corrosion.

Wearing Nordgreen watches, even those made of stainless steel exposes you to the world of 316L stainless steel watches. This material has been well treated and manufactured under highly precise procedures that make it hypo-allergenic.

Thus, they are nickel-safe and won't cause any nickel allergies from leaks in the stainless steel.

Nickel Safe vs. Nickel Free Watches

A common misconception when buying hypoallergenic watches comes from not knowing the difference between nickel-free watches and nickel safe options.

Nickel-free watches are, as they imply, totally free from nickel.

These watches tend to cost more than those that contain nickel in their setup and are chosen by manufacturers looking to steer fully clear of the allergies that they could cause.

Remember, again, that nickel allergies are not caused by the presence of the material in the watch but the leakage of the material instead.

That said, nickel-safe watches contain the substance but in very little quantity.

The concentration of nickel in nickel-safe watches can still cause a low to mild reaction, depending on the level of nickel and as well, the level of exposure to the watch.

This is why all of our home and overseas production facilities adhere to a strict quality control standard that limits the quantity of nickel in the watches and the release of the material over time.

Are titanium watches hypoallergenic?

The titanium watch brings all the allure of a metal watch without the fear of allergies.

These watches are made from pure titanium material without the extra nickel support to match. They do cost more, but that extra price is nothing compared to the quality that they bring to the table.

When you have a titanium watch on the menu, pair it with a mesh or link metal bracelet of the same material for a uniform, complete feel. You can search through the options we have if you prefer wearing your titanium watch with other strap options instead.

Whether shopping in the men's or ladies' category, titanium is one of those stylish materials that also prevents a poor wrist reaction for you.

Should you settle for plastic?

Once it seems like all metal watches are out to get you with the nickel allergy thing, we see why you might want to go with plastic.

Although plastic might be nickel-free, it doesn't bring you that quality and classic appeal that you need on a watch. It would not take you a long time to see the difference between the plastic and a stainless steel case watch, either.

We don't want you to miss out on what a steel watch offers. At the same time, you should neither risk your health nor the state of your wrist just to don a beautiful timepiece. To that effect, we strike a balance with hypoallergenic watches made of nickel-safe stainless steel materials.

All the watches that we sell are not fully nickel-free. Instead, we make sure that the quantity of nickel is so minimal that it doesn't leak or get absorbed by your wrist. By so doing, you get to rock all a steel watch has for you, and you don't have to worry about another case of nickel allergy.

Not every irritation is an allergy

That skin reaction from wearing your watch might not be an allergy – only a wrist irritation.

The skin in contact with any part of the watch can get irritated, which often happens during the hot summer days. The build-up of sweat and moisture becomes a playground for all sorts of bacteria.

Likewise, you could get skin irritation if your watch is sliding over a patch of skin for too long. Users with sensitive skin could develop a mild irritation that goes away on its own from there.

Dealing with irritation, when it happens (or preventing it from happening at all) is as easy as:

  • Speaking with a dermatologist when it happens. That way, you can understand your skin even better and manage the situation best.
  • Keep your watch clean. If the watch spends so much time on your wrists, dedicate one day to cleaning out the back of the watch that comes in contact with your wrist and underneath the straps too.
  • Stop tightening the watch around your wrists. Always leave some room for the watch to breathe. For stainless steel watches, this is a fine guide to adjusting your bracelet better.
  • Also, we don't recommend sleeping with a watch on your hand.

Consult a dermatologist or an allergist

If you are experiencing rash problems or possible allergy problems, we advise you to visit a doctor. Seek professional help in establishing the source of your problem.

Maybe you don't even have an allergy, just a bit of sensitive skin. If the problem persists, it would be best for you to take an allergy test.

Patch testing is the most accurate way of determining the diagnosis. The doctor will apply small amounts of allergens to your skin. Generally, two to four days are needed for accurate results. Of course, that depends on your skin's sensitivity.

Where to buy hypoallergenic watches?

At Nordgreen, without any doubt.

All our hypoallergenic watches are made using the highest industry standards. We make every carefully designed case from 316L stainless steel. This type of steel is commonly used in medicine. Hence, all the Nordgreen watches pass the EU directives on Nickel ion migration.

Also, we intend to make the world a better place. Our Scandinavian way of life teaches us to be responsible. Social responsibility and giving back to society are our goals.

For every watch purchased, Nordgreen donates money to different NGOs. Choose from one of our watch lines: Unika, Infinity, Native, Pioneer, and Philosopher. You will get a designer's masterpiece suitable for every occasion.

Also, you will help the ones in need. You can choose from one of three goals:

  • two months of clear water to an individual in the Central African Republic
  • one month of education to a child from India
  • helping to preserve 200 sqft of rain forest in Latin America

Choosing the Best Hypo-allergenic Watches

At Nordgreen, we have simplified the process of buying the right hypo-allergenic watches.

While having your style and design preferences in mind, the following guidelines should help you out every time you are choosing a new watch.


Always go with a reputable brand when buying watches for your sensitive skin.

Shady brands have nothing to lose, so they can slap this tag on their watches for the sake of better marketing and that alone. Top brands, on the other hand, have a reputation and name to protect, so they won't act in the same way.

For a multinational brand like us, we not only keep the stringent quality control practices at home. Our Danish partners abroad also know to promote all of our values – from our minimalist Danish designs to putting the consumer first.

Case Material

If you have also believed that the only way to avoid metal allergy reactions is to go with non-metal watches, that could not be farther from the truth.

As we mentioned before, our stainless steel watches are made from 316L-grade material, which is one of the safest forms of the material. This grade of stainless steel even finds application in surgical practices, telling you how much attention the details we have paid.

On the other hand, you could also choose to have a titanium watch instead. Titanium is completely nickel-free anyway, giving you less to worry about.


Every stylish watch has a well-picked-out strap to match. The same is true here.

Like with the materials, be wary of the kind of stainless steel that features on your watch. You already know which one to trust in that category.

If unsure, you could simply choose a watch with a titanium bracelet instead. Since they have been extensively tested to ensure they don't cause allergic reactions, you are very safe there.

Now that you know leather and rubber watches can also cause allergic reactions don't trust all leather and rubber watches the same. Fortunately, at Nordgreen, we only employ genuine Italian leather and properly-treated rubber for our straps.

For outdoor watches, check out what our selection of nylon straps brings to your table.

The good news here is that you are never stuck with any one kind of strap. All our straps are interchangeable, so you get to have the best of any world you want – anytime.

Go for replacement nickel-free watch bands

It is one thing to wear a nickel-free watch, and it is another thing to wear one with a nickel-free watch band too.

The main watch case diameter might be of a nickel-free material, but that menu doesn't extend to the straps too. This is where you want to make sure that you are not hurting other parts of your wrist.

Shop with our watch band selection tool to come up with the right size replacement strap for your nickel-free watches today.

Our picks are great for customers like you who don't like to try out new watches due to their nickel allergy fears but also don't want to keep wearing just one kind of watch.

Search through our collection of leather bands, premium-treated silicone rubber straps, and nylon band materials to see what catches your fancy. Our titanium bracelet and mesh band options are also great if you are staying away from everything stainless steel.

We do more than prevent allergies

Our hypoallergenic watches might help you prevent nickel allergies, but they are much more than that.

From the stainless steel case diameter to the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass and inner analog display dial, we pay close attention to details just to bring you the best thing.

Here are some standouts that make all the difference for our Japanese quartz-movement watches in the ladies' and men's categories.

Quality of Build

Whether in the Native, Philosopher, Infinity, Unika, or Pioneer series, our analog watches are built with high-quality materials and designed to last too.

Each one of these watches is fashioned out of 316L stainless steel (or titanium on limited edition builds). That combines with the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to protect the watch's dial (more on that below) and innards.

This quality of build is extended to the straps where you have varying materials – and even a vegan leather introduction for eco-friendliness.


With Nordgreen watches, colors are everywhere – and they help you with improved choices and configurations.

We have taken our love of beautiful, minimalist colors into areas such as the watch dial. Where you are used to the white and black dial neutral movement, we spice things up with some navy blue from time to time.

Moving to the watch case, you get to pick our hypoallergenic watches from rose gold, gold, and silver to gunmetal.

Minimalist Design

Perhaps our biggest selling point, besides how eco-friendly we make our products, is the minimalism behind every analog display watch that we carry.

Each watch in our line-up is a classic unit designed to do its job well without making any extra fuss. We eliminate all the bells and whistles for you, leaving only what works. This is also one of the many ways we cut back on the costs and ensure you don't have to burn a hole in your pocket to pay for luxury.

For the watch movement, we prefer the Japanese quartz movement for its simplicity of application, use, and purpose.

Our most designed watch has to be the Pioneer with its chronograph and date window. Even at that, the chronograph system makes this watch better functional – and the date window gives you one less reason to whip out your smartphone when outdoors.

A nice touch all around, if we might.

Final Words

After all, we couldn't make it without you. Your sincere, unbiased reviews are a great motivation to us. Once again, thank you for the level of trust you show us every day. Rest assured that we will keep our level of high quality, sustainability, and flawless design.

Allergies are a great problem in the modern world. However, ignorance can be an even greater problem. We were more than glad to help you solve any dilemmas regarding allergies, especially ones connected to any watch that we carry.

Our Sustainable Initiatives

Carbon Neutral
By planting 1000's of trees we have offset our carbon emissions generated by our office here in Copenhagen. Equally, each of our global shipments have been offset, including your Nordgreen order.
Sustainable Packaging
All our packaging is FSC certified. The cardboard paper in our packaging comes from responsibly managed forests. The felt insides of the box are formed using up-cycled plastic bottles.
Giving Back Program
Our Giving Back Program upholds our Nordic and Danish values of health, education, and environment, and in doing so, establishes partnerships with relatable charitable organizations around the globe.
Responsible Manufacturing
By partnering with Danish partners abroad we ensure that our overseas production facilities adhere to the highest standards while following Danish labor practices.

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