Watch with Interchangeable Band

There are many reasons to buy a watch. Some do it for the hype, some because they like the design and some because they are versatile fashion pieces. In short, buying a watch is never a bad decision. Our personal opinion is everyone, men and women should own at least one. In reality, if you don’t want to buy a bunch of watches to match your clothes every time you buy a new piece, consider a Nordgreen watch with interchangeable band. Our watches can be the most versatile thing you will ever have. Their subtle, minimalistic design will always fit you, and, by changing the straps, your watch will never get out of fashion.

Native | White Dial - Mesh - 28mm / Silver
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Mesh
Philosopher - Brown Leather - 36mm / Silver
36mm 40mm
Philosopher - Brown Leather

What is a watch with an interchangeable band?

You might never guess it. To put it differently, these are watches that can have their straps easily changed within seconds. Essentially, if your strap gets damaged, broken, or you just want a different one, we have a solution. Changing your strap is easier and much more affordable than let’s say buying a new watch every now and then. Also, it gives you a feeling that you own a set of watches, instead of just one. This is great progress because, in the beginning, the straps were almost impossible to change. You needed a sophisticated set of equipment or a visit to a watchmaker, and that can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, with our interchangeable straps, you need just a few seconds.

Does Nordgreen sell watches with interchangeable straps?

As a matter of fact, we do. One of our trademarks is that all our Nordgreen watches have that feature. After all, our watches are designed with the customers in mind. All our watches have a quick release feature. Meaning you only need your hands and a minute of your precious time to change the straps. No tools needed.

Our Nordgreen watches with a classical design are perfect for sudden changes of style. Take our Pioneer, Native, Infinity, or Philosopher on a field trip or a day at the beach. Choose a nice strap made of nylon or rubber. Business meeting at 12 o’clock? No problem. Change your strap to a mesh or leather one. A black-tie event at 8 o’clock? Just put on a classical band made of leather or vegan leather. Easy as a pie.

Can I use Nordgreen straps on other watches?

Sure, why not. We are here for you, whatever you choose. We make all our straps in standard watchmaking sizes.

  • a 16 mm strap fits a 32 mm dial
  • 18 mm straps are meant for 36 mm cases
  • 20 mm strap fits both 40 mm and 42 mm watches

What kind of interchangeable straps does Nordgreen offer?


Nylon bands are the modern way to wear your watch. The material itself is lightweight, easy to produce, and thus affordable. Nylon straps will give you the modern, youthful look while looking great, not cheap. Also, nylon straps are completely waterproof, and that’s a big plus. However, nylon straps simply lack that final touch of elegance needed for business meetings or gala nights.


Mesh straps or Milanese straps, as they are often called, are a great choice. Fine steel strings are made into a firm yet breathable mesh. Contrary to popular belief, they are easy to clean with a piece of dry fabric. Mesh straps go well with all occasions, from casual to elegant. However, they can sometimes be hard to pair with your personal fashion style, depending on your jewelry or color of the strap.


Leather proudly wears the torch as the first material ever used for a wristwatch band. Although the first and most common choice was cowhide, nowadays there are a plethora of choices. You can get even ostrich or alligator skin leather to wear around your wrist. We chose to go easy on ostriches and offer you the finest Italian leather there is. Also, for certain models, you can treat yourself with genuine croc skin, too. Leather is the top choice for every classy party.

Leather bands have one arch-enemy, and its name is water. Water and leather just don’t mix very well. Although all our watches are water-resistant, our leather straps aren’t. If you get your leather strap wet, dry it, and add some leather conditioner on it.

Vegan leather

Given the nature of our company and care for the environment, we have provided you with the option of vegan leather. Our vegan leather straps are sustainable, environmentally-aware, and look amazing. Nobody will notice the difference between vegan and regular leather. With a vegan leather interchangeable band, you will look amazing at every elegant occasion.

Vegan leather generally has the same problems as real leather. It just doesn’t suit a very warm and moist environment. However, it’s easier to clean than real leather, and you can maintain it with the usage of leather conditioners.


The popularity of the rubber straps reached its peak with the popularity of diving and surfing. Rubber bands are durable, lightweight, and most certainly will give you value for your money. The early models were somewhat stiff, but with modern technology, these straps become flexible and breathable. They are great for water sports, as they stand well against the sun and water. Also, they dry pretty quickly

Rubber straps are a great choice for the gym, casual jogging, or a field trip. However, their casual sporty look just isn’t fit for any classier event.


As you can see, there is a watch band for every occasion, and for everyone’s style. But why limit yourself by wearing just one? Or worse, having to change your watch depending on the occasion? Get a watch with interchangeable band, the only problem you will have is an almost limitless choice of colors and materials to choose from. Also, if you decide to order our gift bundle, you can save up to 20% on the total price. It doesn’t get much better than that.