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Silver watch band on a black dial Native watch

Silver Watch Band Collection

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Silver watch band on a black dial Native watch
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Silver has a modern, sophisticated feel when it comes to silver watch bands. Each of our Nordgreen models is available in silver, so pairing your silver watch band will be a piece of cake. 

Modern is the look you’ll go for when you select your Pioneer Chronograph with a silver case and stainless steel silver mesh watch band. Deserving of a second glance and a place on your wrist! Are women’s silver watches cool and sophisticated because it’s on her wrist, or is silver the right thing to compliment a cool watch design? This is definitely a question to answer once you’ve seen our Infinity women’s watches in silver with a silver mesh band.

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Silver watch bands are an ideal option for people who don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort on styling. Men, in particular, may prefer silver watch bands because of their neutrality and, since they typically wear little jewelry, they don’t have to worry about matching metals. The only thing you have to do is make sure your belt buckle is also silver. Browse our collection of men's silver watches to find the best fit.

A minimalistic dress watch with a silver band is the ideal accessory for men who want to keep it simple, which is one of the foremost jewelry rules for menswear. Silver men's mesh band watches are suitable for wearing with smart casual and formal attires. You can also combine a silver band with jeans and sneakers.

There are several benefits to wearing a silver watch band. For one, silver reads as grey and falls on the black-to-white gradient on the color wheel. As a result, it doesn’t clash with any colors, and you can pair it with black or dark grey to achieve a timeless appeal, especially in winter.

If you own a black or charcoal suit, a silver watch strap is a must-have. You can also wear your silver band with light colors in the summer to achieve a well-rounded look.

Another benefit of silver watch bands is that they match perfectly with contemporary rings for men, which include silver, platinum, and white gold. If you have a black silicone ring, a silver watch strap is also an ideal option.

A silver mesh is an equally versatile and aesthetically pleasing watch band option for ladies. Silver goes best with black, white, or grey. You can also pair your silver watch strap with dark navy or royal blue in winter.

In summer, you can wear your silver band with white clothing, but stay away from pastel colors or luminous greens and yellows. If you own a piece that has a cool tone such as ice pink, vanilla yellow, or soft peach, however, a silver watch strap is a must-have.

A basic mesh silver band also works well with clothing that has busy patterns or intricate shapes. If your clothing is making a statement, you don’t want your jewelry to compete for attention. However, if you are wearing a straightforward monotone dress, a simple piece of jewelry like our mesh silver strap will complete your look.

Silver looks great with rose gold and gold, and if you want a two-tone timepiece, combine your band with a case of a different metal. Adding another metal to the silver will increase its visual compatibility with other styles.

When it comes to silver, try not to overdo it. A basic piece will add sufficient bling to your attire without stealing all the attention. The Scandinavian simplicity and sophistication of Nordgreen’s timepieces and bands are ideal for formal settings and outdoor summer events alike.

The most important rule is to be true to your sense of style. Silver is a stylish yet forgiving color, and there is plenty of room for error when styling your silver watch strap. 

Find a Timepiece for Your Silver Band

In addition to the season, the setting, and your attire, you should also match your watch band to a timepiece with a complementary design. The timepiece you choose should be one that you personally like, and that provides you with optimal value in terms of aesthetics and versatility.

There are several considerations to take into account when shopping for a Nordgreen timepiece. These considerations include design, size, dial color, and case color.


Nordgreen offers four different timepiece designs, namely Pioneer, Infinity, Native, and Philosopher. All these designs feature Scandinavian sophistication and minimalistic appeal, but there are slight differences between them. Namely that the Native has a much slimmer watch design, compared to the chunkier Pioneer. 

The Pioneer Chronograph is the most detailed of the four designs and features lugs, two smaller dials that show minutes and seconds, and a date window. The Pioneer also has a third hand that shows the seconds. Included with the Pioneer is also a stopwatch for added functionality.

The Infinity is the only design with no lugs, and it has prominent minute markings. This dial doesn’t feature a window dial or second hand and is a favorite among people who prefer simplistic designs.

The Native design has a minimalistic design and is compatible with all Nordgreen’s watch bands, including the silver mesh watch band. This design is similar to the Philosopher, which features an additional date window, second hand, and minute markings. 


Nordgreen’s watches are available in several sizes, including 32mm, 36mm, and 40mm. The Pioneer design is only available in 42mm for men. Our silver mesh watch bands are available in all these sizes to ensure compatibility with our timepieces.

The widths of the silver watch bands are 16mm for 32mm watches, 18mm for 36mm watches, and 20mm for 40mm and 42mm watches. We recommend the 32mm and 36mm for ladies and 36mm, 40mm, and 42mm watches for men.

Dial Color

Nordgreen’s watches are available in three different dial colors, including navy, black, and white. Because of silver’s neutrality, you can match it with any of these dial colors. Spend some time experimenting with different combinations until you find one you like.

Case Color

In addition to the dial color, you can also choose from four watch colors, which include silver, gold, rose gold, and gunmetal. If you like two-tone timepieces, you can combine the silver band with gold or rose gold. If you prefer a more simplistic look, a silver case is your best option.

The combinations of design, dial color, and case colors provide you with unlimited customization. The cases and models are similar in many aspects, but the different color schemes and metal types allow you to achieve a unique appearance that matches your style.

Use Our Strap Selector

When combining watch bands with timepieces, you are spoilt for choices, and you may feel a little overwhelmed. Use Nordgreen’s strap selector to match watches with silver bands and find other combinations you like. You can select up to three straps per watch, and you can also check out directly from this page.

Nordgreen Silver Watch Bands

When shopping for a watch band, you want to know that you are receiving the best quality, visual appeal, and longevity. When you choose Nordgreen, you can rest assured that you will receive all of the above and more.

All our products are designed by Jakob Wagner, a prominent name in the watch design industry. We only use the best materials and craftsmanship. Additionally, all our products are individually inspected to ensure the highest possible quality control.


Our silver mesh watch bands are made of grade 316L stainless steel, which has increased resistance to corrosion and scratches. This metal is not susceptible to movement as the result of temperature fluctuations. The result is a structurally sound watch band that can last for decades without showing any signs of deterioration.

Adjusting the Strap Length 

To adjust the length of your stainless steel mesh strap, use your finger or a small metal object to unlock the adjustment piece. Then, slide the piece to a position where the strap will fit comfortably around your wrist before locking the adjustment piece back in place.

Cleaning Your Mesh Strap

Over time, your stainless steel watch band will begin to dull, and dust and dirt can build up in the openings of the mesh. You have to clean your mesh watch band regularly to maintain its shiny appearance. Fortunately, cleaning your watch strap is a relatively simple process.

To clean the strap, detach it from the watch and wipe it down with a soft cloth to remove the initial build-up of dust and grime. Then, dip the strap into warm water mixed with anti-bacterial dish soap. The soap will break down any dirt that you couldn’t access with the cloth.

After soaking the stainless steel strap in soapy water, take a toothbrush and brush the strap to remove the grime from the crevices. Don’t press too hard on the toothbrush, as it can scratch the surface of the strap. When you have removed all dirt from the mesh, rinse the strap with warm water and dry it with a soft cloth. 

When the strap is completely dry, spray a glass cleaner on a soft cloth and apply it to your strap. The glass cleaner will restore the shine of your strap and add a protective layer on the surface.


With your Nordgreen watch, you will receive a strap of your choice. The stainless steel silver mesh strap is popular because of its versatility and shiny appeal. However, these watch bands are interchangeable, and you can switch to a different strap to change the style of your watch. For example, if you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt, you can replace the silver strap with a nylon one. 

Because our watches come in standard sizes, you can use our watch bands for watches of other brands as well. However, our timepieces and watch bands are designed to go together. For example, the silver bands and cases have the same shade, and we use complementary tones throughout our designs.

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