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Are you intrigued by the constant changing of times – from winter and summer to autumn and spring – and how they come to become one in perfect synchrony?

We are too, which led to the design of our new brown dials, which embody the end of one summer and the ushering in of another winter.

While you lounge around or get about, reminiscing about all the fun that you had in the summer days, wouldn't you rather have a well-built, minimalistic brown dial watches like this one to remind you of all the best experiences you left behind?

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Brown Sunray Dial - Brown Leather
€137,00 €274,00
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Brown Sunray Dial - Mesh
€142,00 €284,00
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Brown Sunray Dial - 5-Link
€150,00 €299,00
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Brown Sunray Dial - Black Leather
€137,00 €274,00

Brown Dials are the New Black

Brown dials are not as commonplace as their black counterparts. That makes them the best for a couple of reasons.

Stand out from the pack with a dial that is not looking like what everyone else sees daily. Create your simplistic movement that defines your personal brand with brown dials that speak not only to your sense of style but awareness of the seasonality and changes in nature too.

Go beyond telling the time to the current hour to marking changes in season and celebrating nature in its diverse forms.

It is not every day that you find watches that make a statement. We are that one brand that will transform the barrage of mediocre designs into affordable luxury timepieces that makes a solid case for any outfit that you pair them with.

If you think you are good enough to rock pristine men's watches from a brand that cares about your sense of style, it is time to go looking into what the Pioneer Chestnut Brown Dial watches hold for you.

Pioneer Brown Dial Watch Series: Built to Last

The Pioneer series commands power and respect, unlike the other watches that we carry.

As the name implies, it ushered in the different designs and styles that we are known for. An international audience of men who trust us for well-made, quality timepiece options has fallen in love with this series over and again also.

It is, thus, only natural that we start the new brown dial movement with the watch that started it all for us in the first place.

We continue to embrace quality materials – from the case to the watch straps – on this watch.

Pairing a thick stainless steel case with the large watch design makes for an award-winning men's watch design. Staying true to our minimalist tendencies, we introduce a series of chronographs that don't bring unneeded complications to the watch – rather, helping you to stay on top of your time better.

Rounded off with a simple date display to even better what this unit offers, we have crafted it well enough that you'll love everything you see.

We Don't Cut Corners

Perfecting the art of bringing a luxury look, bold styles, and top appeal in the international men's watches categories did not come in a day.

On top of that, we don't shell out our brown dial watches with a price that burns a hole in your pocket.

So, how do we do that?

We start by maintaining and curating a small line of watches that are sure to appeal to you. These watches make a series, but they are not related either. That way, all of the men who trust us to shape their time-telling experience get something that suits them the best.

With such minimal inventory, we have high-cost savings that we pass on to you.

In line with that, we embrace the minimalist approach of never including things that you will not need on your watch.

A good watch should tell the time, complete a proper gentleman's outfit and not make too much of a fuss while at it. So, why should we slap bells and whistles that you'll never use anyway on the watch, then drive up the cost?

Employing the finest Japanese Miyota movement tells how much we pay homage to stellar watchmaking history. This movement is as simple as it comes, holding and keeping time right for as long as you want.

Leaving the movement for a moment, we encase the entire watch setup in premium stainless steel material. Using 316L grade stainless steel is no mistake here: we want to ensure that you get the best hypoallergenic watch materials that serve you for a longer time.

Exploring the Combination

Choosing the Pioneer watches with brown dials is not where the fun ends.

If you sincerely want to make a statement that keys into your brand, customize your brown dial to taste with the solutions that we offer.

Straps are where it starts

Get a sense of uniformity to your brown dial watches with brown leather straps to match. All of our straps are made of genuine Italian leather and are stitched by some of the top hands in design.

The stitching on our leather straps is not only functional but also protective of the watch band itself.

Nothing stops you from switching up the style, pairing the watch with black leather straps or any other color that you desire from our leather straps library.

The more traditional and practical men might prefer what a stainless steel strap holds for them instead. Between achieving uniformity among the case and strap, a stainless steel strap also has you looking ready to take on more outdoor tasks sometimes.

Speaking of the outdoors, invest in quality strap bundles to change what you get with the watch. For example, wouldn't you love how a nylon strap makes your water-resistant watch even readier to take on the elements?

Colors are where we round up

Besides combining with a leather strap as the preferred option, the rose gold case diameter finish speaks volumes here too.

Men who have wanted to get in on the rose gold movement but have been scared off by the pinkish appeal now have all the excuses in the world to do so. The year is 2021, and fashion is evolving with it. Why wouldn't you?

For someone sporting such a progressive watch like this that matches seasons, it would be a shame to not break the conventional barriers of style once in a while.

Tune things closer to home with other case finishes like silver and gunmetal grey.

No matter which colors you settle for, there will always be that perfect strap that fits right in.

A Watch For all Seasons

Carrying the withering leaf color appeal that ushers in the winter is one thing. But, does the winter just happen?

Seasons are never alone as they occur in line with one another.

Trusting the Nordgreen Pioneer brown dial watches is not an appreciation of one season over the other. It is, rather, a nod to the coming of one season, a testament to the season that came before it and the preparation for the one that is yet to come.

For a practical unit that is designed to keep track of the time, we think it's only befitting that it also comes with the signs of the seasons too.

Add a twist to your watch collection when you get a Pine Green Sunray dial Pioneer watch to signify the presence of summer too. With both in your arsenal, nothing is stopping you now.

Only Nordgreen Gives you excellence

Why settle for less when you can have all the promises of excellence that this brand brings to you?

You've waited long enough for an affordable luxury timepiece that is neither overpriced based on brand name alone nor means nothing to you. With these watches, you have a brown dial unit that has some history, design elegance, and a true story behind it.

We take things further by allowing you to give back to society with every purchase.

For someone who likes nature as much as you, we suppose that your watch purchase would help donate to reclaiming parts of the Amazonian rainforest. You can, equally, choose to help supply potable water to kids and families in Central Africa – or ensure quality education for a child in India.

Here's the best part:

You don't have to pay any extra fees to make these donations. A percentage of your watch proceeds goes to the charity of your choice, and you get to buy back some time for these people too.

Wouldn't you rather switch to Nordgreen today?

Start with the brown dials on our front-running Pioneer watch, and you'll never go back.

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